Arimidex - any info or advice please

Hi all
Had my last chemo (Taxotere) yesterday and will start 3 weeks of rads soon.
Onc tells me I will be on Arimidex so just wondered if you all had any info on the side effects to expect or any problems with it. Just like to know what to expect from the people who have used it not just the professional opinion!
Thanks in anticipation

Mega xx

Hi Mega

I have been on Arimidex since November 2007. There are loads of scary threads here about side effects but honestly I have not found it bad at all. Bit achey to begin with but nothing major. I might have been lucky but then you probably will be too. I was 55 and post menopausal when I started - now just turned 57. It is meant to be the gold standard for keeping this thing at bay so I wish you all good luck with it. And with the rads too! After the chemo it is a complete breeze.

Much love


Hi Dilys

Thanks for the info, that has set my mind at rest! I am sick of worrying about side effects!!
Not started rads yet but I do think it will be a lot easier than chemo - would not wish that on my worse enemy lol
Had last dose on Mon 16th so just waiting for my last run of the bad days to kick in - usually any time now

Thanks again and keep well


Hi Mega

Just stay well! Like you I had decided not to do side effects as far as humanly possible. I am sure you will be lucky like me. Try steering clear of the other threads on the subject! It can be scary.

Good luck again with the last chemo effects, and with the rads.