Arimidex - hair loss anyone?

Arimidex - hair loss anyone?

Arimidex - hair loss anyone? Hi ladies
I have already posted this one - but it never appeared - must have gone off to the forum Bermuda Triangle - as many of my posts do!

Anyway, I have been on Arimidex for 18 months now and - to my horror - have noticed that the hair on the crown of my head is much thinner and I actually have spiky bits - which would suggest I’ve lost some. I’m not extactly ancient (56) and have never had this problem with my hair before - so can only really blame Arimidex or stress - or both.

Anyone else on Arimidex noticed this ?

Regards to all


Oh Linda I don’t know whether I’m pleased or upset at your posting.

I have been on Arimidex for over 12 months and my hair is definitely starting to go thinner. I hate it. I thought it might be the Arimidex but wasn’t sure and I don’t want it to do much worse - but what can we do? I’m relieved that I’m not alone with my concerns but it brings home the fact that we need the treatment but this is yet another side effect of having cancer we can do without.

Love Joy xxx

I know how you feel Hi Joy

Sometimes I try to ignore things in the hope that they will go away, but this one won’t unfortunately. I did read on the ‘list of side effects’ leaflet that any hair thinning is temporary - so that gives some hope. This is one of my worst fears as I rather like my hair. Anyway, its a comfort to know I’m not the only one - and I will ask my Onc at our next meeting if there is anything that can be done! Keep smiling - we have too don’t we !

Linda xx

me too…aromasin I have been on aromasin for just over a year and noticed I was losing hair after about 3 months.It was very slight, as no-one else noticed.

However…since roughly December I have experienced much worse hair-thinning. Like you, it is most pronounced on the top of my head, but it is thinner all over too.

I dread washing my hair, as so much seems to come out.

This side-effect is listed on my aromasin leaflet.
I mentioned it to the onc, who was very unsympathetic. I am hoping it does not get any worse.

I wonder how common this side effect is.


Hi Linda, there may be hope I started on Arimidex last July and although i have been lucky enough to avoid chemo, I seem to have come out in sympathy with some of the symptoms, i.e. fungal infection on big toe nails which refuses to die a death and strangly enough I lost my eyebrows.

I do ask my hairdresser, every time he comes, to check and see if my hair is thinning and it did seem to get thinner to the tail end of last year and beginning of 2006 BUT my eyebrows have suddenly now grown back and my hair is starting to thicken up again so I am hoping that the side effects, wherever they have come from, have only proved to be temporary.

Lets hope that your hair also settles down and starts to behave itself again.


Thanks Siggy I’ll hope that its only temporary then and stop checking it every few minutes!! Its cruel isn’t it - as if we haven’t got enough on our minds!

Take care


Hi Siggy I am sorry about your toenails, fungal nail infection is very common and may not be anything to do with your treatment. I am a practicing chiropodist and see a lot of this problem. If it has just occurred you might be able to beat it by placing all your footwear in a large plastic bin bag together with an open jam jar of cider vinegar, close the bag and leave in a safe corner for 48 hours.( Keep some for wearing and do them later) Try putting neat tea tree oil on yout nails 2 or 3 times a day and persevere for several months. Also you can file the effected nail sometimes the infection is only on the surface. Keep you feet very clean and well scrubbed with a nail brush in the bath.Don’t try and cover it with nailvarnish!
Hope this helps but if not you may have to visit your GP and ask for tablets (Terbinafine).