Arimidex if you have osteoporosis?

Hello all - happy new year,

Today my onc hit me with the bomb shell that my bone density scan revealed significant osteopaenia and even full osteoporosis in one vertebra. I am 43.
I will be starting on bisphosphonates immediately and he wants to swap me from Arimidex to Tamoxifen.
I have been on Arimidex for a couple of months now and have had minimal side effects - I am reluctant to change to Tamoxifen, especially as AIs are the perceived “gold standard”.

Has anyone has continued to take Arimidex after a diagnosis of bone thinning?


Hi msmolly

I have been on arimidex since may 07 and like you my bone density scan showed osteoporosis. I have been on biosphosphonates for 12 months and it has never been mentioned to me about not taking arimidex.

I have been fine the bios are not the nicest tabs to take mine have been changed once as I could’nt get on with aledronic acid and changed to actonel once a week and they are a lot better. I would speak to your onc and see what they have to say as you said we are led to believe arimidex are gold standard

good luck

Hi there

I have been on Arimidex since November 2007 and was diagnosed with significant bone thinning in about May 2008. Think it must have been happening anyway. I am 56 by the way. But no one has suggested stopping the Arimidex. I have just had the second IV infusion of zometa and will continue that at six month intervals. I also have Adcal D tablets to take daily. I am scheduled for another DEXA scan in June this year to check what is happening.

Ask again and good luck.


I have been on Arimidex since about Oct 2007 and a bone density scan last January revealed osteopaenia, verging on osteoporosis in my spine. I have been on alendronic acid and Adcal D3 since March and continued to take Arimidex. I think that I am due to have another DEXA scan soon.
Good luck

Thank you so much everyone for your replies - they have made me feel a lot better.
I shall ask to see onc next week because I would really prefer to stay on the Arimidex if the bisphosphonates do their stuff properly.

Best of luck all.