Arimidex, referral to an endocrinologist.

I have just had my 5 yrly review with my bc surgeon - Onc discharged me after chemo and rads and has now retired, so I have been getting an annual review with the surgeon, who is great.

A recent DEXA bone density scan showed significant bone mineral loss, particularly since I started Arimidex 4 yrs ago. I had had a DEXA scan before commencing Arimidex, ordered by my gastro in light of 30 yrs of steroids.

My surgeon wants me to continue with Armidex because I had lymph node spread, but because I have osteopenia, ostero-arthritis, and had two spontaneous fractures in my feet last summer, he is concerned that the Arimidex will further cause bone loss. I am already on a bispho, Alendronic Acid, plus twice daily Calcichew/Vit D. He is referring me to a Professor of Endocrinology for his opinion.

I recently read an article on-line from the New England Journal of Medicine dated May 3, 2007, regarding once yearly Zoledronic Acid infusions for postmenopausal osteoporous which has had great success. Hip fractures over a 3 yr period were reduced by 41%. Guess I can’t quote the URL but if you google zoledronic acid you should be able to find it. My surgeon said he knows these infusions are being done at my hospital, but as a surgeon, doesn’t know much about them. Apparently the Professor of Endocrinology has a particular interest in the side effects/fractures/bone loss from Arimidex.

Has anyone on Arimidex been referred to an endocrinologist, and if so, what was the outcome? I am still waiting for the appt.


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