Arimidex side effect nausea HELP

Since starting on Arimidex last July 2010 I have from the first tablet felt really nauseous. I feel fortunate that I do not ache I do have hot flushes but did have before BC and these are now more intense and sharper.I am coping with these But I really feel so sick as bad as on and worse than on chemo. At worst I am awoken with hot flushes and nausea. So insomnia does not help but feel that it (nausea) is not worstened by sleeplessness.
I am back to work on phased return and am still feeling very nauseous and TMI but could throw up a lot of the time.I cannot figure out the trigger for this being worse.( or perceiving this as worse) Obviously getting back into work situation is stressful but I am feeling enervated by this. But the nausea is so awful I am eating the right things but as on chemo feel like eating fruit +++ plus water and green tea and ginger. Cannot stomach much else
Oh lovely ladies any comments? Really struggling at the moment I have some domperidone left from chemo which is still in date but feel really reluctant to take it as I have so much longer to go on Arimidex and also as I do not ache would not like to change to another AI to swop 1 s/e for another Any advice? Jackiexx


I have been on Arimidex for about 9 months and am full of aches and pains, but no sickness.
I am not sure what advice I could give you except to go back to your Oncologist. There is no need for anyone to feel sick and there must be other drugs that you could take.


Hi Jackie,
Sorry to hear that your having such a bad time with the Arimidex.
I’ve been on them for 8 months now, I think we’re at about the same stage with them possibly. I’ve also been taking other tablets which some of the time have helped relieve the se’s, but latley I’ve been on some other tablets and my gp reckons that some of the tablets when taken at same time can cause stomach problems, so she has put me on Omeprazole tablets which I find settle my stomach really well. I was just wondering if your taking anything else as well as the Arimidex which may be making your symptoms worse, just a thought. I hope you can find a soloution to your problem very soon,

Thinking of you,

Isabelle xxx

JackyA and Isabelle thanks for your responses.I am also taking alendronic acid and I started on this some weeks after the Arimidex. Also I only take it once a week and the nausea is no worse/better on the day I take it. Feel torn as I have a former colleague who is on a different AI and can hardly walk with the joint/muscle aches and I feel those would have a worse impact on my quality of life should I swap. Hey ho never ends does it. Yes Isabelle I think you are a few days ahead of me on the Arimidex. Thanks ladies Jackie xx