Arimidex side effects,bone loss - anyone px risedronate?

I have just rcvd my qrtly copy of the Crohn’s Assocn’s newsletter with a very interesting article on bone loss by by Dr. Hash Kriel, research fellow at the Bristol Royal Infirmary and Professor Chris Probert. His research was dedicated to Crohn’s patients who have used steroids, some for as little as 8 weeks - I was on steroids for 30 yrs.

My interest is twofold - obviously the long term effects on my bones of steroids, but particularly being on Arimidex for some 4 yrs when my bone density has significantly decreased, as has the osteo arthritits in my hips,hands and feet. I am currently taking the bisphosphonate, Alendronic Acid, orally, once weekly, with twice daily Calcichew/Vit.D tablets to strengthen my bones. I had 2 fractures in both feet last year. My last bone scan in early 2007 showed no bone mets.

My bc surgeon was concerned at my 5 yrly review in Jan 2008 about continuing with Arimidex, but wants me to do so as I had lymph node spread and sent me to see a Professor of Endocrinology in February. The Professor is referring me to an Oncologist, as I was discharged, unbelievably, by the Onc (since retired) after finishing FEC chemo and rads in 2004. I also saw my gastro last week and he is going to refer me to an Oncologist with specific interest in gastro problems (I am at high risk for colon cancer, having Crohn’s and my father dying of colon cancer at 59 yrs).

The article mentioned was research into risedronate (Actonel), which I have never heard of and I was wondering if any ladies taking Arimidex with bone density loss, have been prescribed this bisphosphonate for osteopenia/osteroarthritis, rather than alendronic acid. I know my problem is a bit out of the scope of general bc, and complicated by Crohn’s, but don’t know anywhere else to post for an answer.

Any insight/advice/experience will be much appreciated.