Arm & Chest Pain Post Op

Arm & Chest Pain Post Op

Arm & Chest Pain Post Op Hi all,

My name is David and i am posting on behalf of my wife who one week ago underwent a full mastectomy of the right breast. This past week she has amazed me with her strength but is obviously in some pain post op. She is carrying out her exercises every day but i would like to ask anyone in a similar situation when she can expect the pain to eventually subside. I am so proud of the way she has and continues to handle this and although support her unreservedly, at times feel helpless in helping her get through this. i am sure she will post her own messages on this site soon.

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Hi David,

I’m sorry to hear about your wife.

I had a mastectomy in March and my consultant/surgeon told me that I didn’t need to be in pain, that’s what pain-killers are for! I was uncomfortable for a good while, but that’s manageable. I would advise her to contact her GP, breast care nurse, or consultant if she is in pain.

Good for her doing the exercises every day, that’s important.

Hope she soon feels up to posting herself. This is a very supportive forum, and it’s nice to be around other women who understand what you’re going through. Sounds like she has a lot of support from you too - what a star!!

love to her,
Jacki xx

Hi Jacki,
Thank you for your reply, she is taking her pain killers regularly but has still been in some pain. Like all of you on this site, by the very fact of what you have all been through, she is a stong person and will get through this.

I’m sure she will post herself soon.

Best wishes with your recovery also.