arm pain?

hi everyone i was wondering if any of you ladies have had problems with your arm has i have been, since about the last 2 months my arm just constantly aches a bit like a tooth ache it is bearable through the day when im busy but as soon as i go to bed it really aches and i have to take paracitamol before and during the has been over a year now since my op ( mascectomy x node clearance) ive finished chemo and rads and im now on number 12 herceptin, i was thinking maybe ive over strained my arm whilst working as i am a hairdresser or its nerve pains since the numbness as gone since the op, have anyone else had any similar problems or any idea of what could be the cause? i did mention it to my onc last time i seen her but she just said keep excersising it which i do all the time thanks xxx suzee

Hi Suzee, I too had severe arm pain, I find resting my arm on a cushion when sitting down eases the ache. Also my physio recommended massageing (always downwrd toward the hand) with moisturiser daily. I also sleep with my arm supported by a pillow, in the morning I have no pain at all, apparently you need to keep your arm above your heart.

After I had my axillary node clearance I had dreadful arm pain - my gastro saw me in the hospital corridor on my way to see the bc surgeon and asked if I was okay - told him no, and what the problem was. He took me up to his office and prescribed Garbapentin, which reduces the nerve pain, where they have been cut in the clearance. It did help tremendously. I am sure your GP can prescribe this.

Like Valann, I can only sleep with my arm on a big pillow.