Arm pit discomfort

Hi all


I had a lumpectomy with sentinal lymph node removal 3 weeks tomorrow. I am having arm pit discomfort. Wanting some home remodies on how you all treated your issues? The corn starch isn’t really working.



Hi Krisa, 


I found good old paracetamol did the trick , not sure on any home remedies but keeping up with the exercises will help , discomfort will go on for a while and I found it was a few months before it felt near normal again, Arnica is good for healing , I know ladies who took tablets as well as used creams and found them both helpful  Xx Jo 

Hi Krisa, sorry you are experiencing discomfort. Personally I would be very hesitant about using anything other than remedies offered by my support team. Unfortunately I was warned that this type of discomfort can go on for some time, so best get it sorted. I used paracetamol, and topped up with codeine . I was told not to use any creams, deodorants or oils until my surgeon was happy with the wound healing. This took six weeks for me as my stitches ulcerated . Normally I believe it’s four weeks. When the pain was particularly severe and I couldn’t raise my arm I jumped in the shower and used the hot water to loosen muscles. Good luck. X