armpit lump

havent posted for a while!
I have a family history of breast cancer and am under the hospital for monitoring as my mum died at 43.
In the last week Ive been aware of a lump in my armpit. dont think any in breast. its just under my skin. about the size of a pea. hard. doesnt hurt.
i did think ingrown hair… but no pain… cant be squeezed… cant c any blocked hair lol.
so my question is… how do u know? like… what does a armpit lump feel like? if the scary kind I mean x

Hi scaredmum ,it does sound like swollen lymph node but you can get them when you have a virus /infection doesn’t need to be connected to anything sinister and I have spoken to a number of ladies who have had ultrasound on swollen lymph nodes and it has turned out to be nothing to worry about …Best get it checked though put your mind at rest .

thanks for replying jill.
my bf has tried before to see if was ingrown hair, but nothing.
tonight he managed to squeeze a bit and a bit of puss came out.
id already spoken to my breast consultant and she said come straight in on monday. Now i feel a bit foolish so have messaged her and said a bit of puss came out. its very much stilk there and nothing else will come out, but asked her if im right in just leaving it and see what happens instead of going to her…
i feel like such a twat! x

When something gets you anxious it’s very difficult to get it out of your mind,go get it checked anyway put your mind at rest .

Hi, I found a lump in my armpit 9 weeks ago and I eventually saw a specialist in the Breast Clinic yesterday and after a thorough examination he said it was the bone that I could feel.

Very surprised to hear that but that’s what he said and he said there was no need for a scan of any further tests.

Hope this helps someone or if anyone else has had the same experience I would be interested to hear about.