Arnica pre and post mastectomy


Next month I shall be having a double mastecotomy with the start of reconstruction at the same time.

I have been told that arnica would help with the bruising and swelling, and it should be started prior to the surgery.

Please could someone advise me if they have used it, and what dosage of 30c tablets did they use, and for how long after surgery. Do you take more before the op and then a maintenance dose afterwards?

Thank you.

Hi Teazie,

I am having a mx/recon next week and my PS gave me a pre-op sheet with the following instructions:-

  1. Arnica cream (Nelsons Arincare cream-Nelson and Co from Holland & Barrett)
    Apply 3 times daily on the operation area, 1 week prior to surgery and 3 weeks after.

  2. Arnica clikpak (Nelson and Co-Clikpak Arnica 30c)
    2 pillules 4 times daily for a week before surgery & 2 weeks after surgery.

  3. Multivitamins (Holland & Barrett)
    Mega Vita-Min hight strength vitamins. Take one caplet a day, 2 weeks before surgery and for 1 month after

I hope this helps and good luck with the op.


Hi, like Lemoncake (we share the same surgeon) advised to take Arnica and rub Arnica cream on the areas prior to my reconstruction. As I also had some complications re infection my PS told me to carry on with Arnica to help the swelling and bruising I had. I must admit it does work and my swelling was greatly reduced - so much so that my PS (who had hurt his knee badly playing sport) said when he saw the effect Armica had on my infection swelling rang his wife to get him some to rub on his knee (and he said it also reduced the swelling and pain significantly!). It is not medically proven in fact my PS said that tests done reported ‘no differences’ - but his experience of Arnica is that ladies who use it heal far quicker than those who don’t! hope that helps x

Hi Saffronseed

How are you? I’ve got my last appt before op with our lovely surgeon this week.


Thank you both.

What is Arnica Clikpak? Is it just Arnica?

I am already on multivitamins as I don’t eat meat, so I shall take them with me when I go into hospital.

Thank you.

Hi Teazie,
I took Arnica tablets after the birth of my children (recommended by the midwife) it was brilliant and I could almost feel it working. However my PS advised against it when i had my lumpectomy - not sure why so best to check with your team first.
cheers Caroline

Hi lemoncake I am fine thanks so much better and nearly back to ‘normal’ - am also seeing PS tomorrow (my appt is at 4pm at GH) I think he will ‘sign me off’ so to speak although he said he would advise me on exercise levels etc - I then just have to go back for my tidyup/uplift on good booby and new nipple - so things are great thanks. Please let me know how you get on with your surgery next week xxxx

Teazle Clippak are very small purple tablets that you take - 8 a day they recommend and you just put them under your tongue to disolve. The multivitamims have been a live saver for me too - i was taking two a day when I had my infection! but now I am gradually weaning myself off them and take one every other day - they do definately help with recovery xx

I also took Arnica before my op and had very little bruising and I healed well. However my surgeon seemed to put it down to luck rather than the Arnica!!
Josie x

Thank you…I just wondered what the clipak meant, so I assume it is jsut the same as straight forward Arnica. Is it a good idea to buy them on line (cheaper) or to go to Boots etc.

Hi Teazle, I got mine from holland and barrett but they were expensive its probably worth looking on line to see whats available as I am sure you can get them cheaper…x yep the clippak is the name of the little container they come in a bit like sweetners… they are just Arnica tablets x

Thank you Saffronseed.

Very interesting thread- I am looking at delayed LD recon and mx with immediate recon at the end of the month. Lemoncake- I have followed your instructions and trotted off to Holland and Barrett. It will be interesting to compare healing times with my original mx.

Has anyone tried vitamin e oil? I found that brilliant at preventing stretch marks during pregnancy. I might bung on a bit of that too!
Good luck with surgery to all who are facing it,

Hi I used arnica following mastectomy/SNB when it looked like I was developing a bit of seroma and it all settled down. I used it again when I had axilllary lymph clearance. All appeared to be going well but I developed the most horrendous wound abscess that burst and was really unwell. I think it’s really down to luck !

Hi I used Arnica tablets first time yesterday and took them every two hours as recommended…Felt really peculiar,bit sick and dizzy.Having mastectomy in two days and was hoping taking it before would really help.Should I stop,or is it just nerves kicking in?