aromasin exemestane.

hi i have been taking aromasin.exemestane for 8 months now. i seem to be picking up all sorts of viruses, eg cold sores for 3 weeks, tooth abseses, had to have 4 teeth out… now the spring sickness bug has got a hold of me… a friend sugested i take a kind of tonic, ive been to holland and barrett and got some acai berry. supposed to be a fantastic power berry rich in b vitamins minerals and fibre , its also an antioxidant … but… CAN I TAKE THEM ???. holland and barrett not sure. and neither is my local pharmacy … please help i just want 2 feel well again and stop picking up everything going … thanks angie

hi understand well how you are feeling i too seemed to pick up all thats going, i think it runs wild with our immune system i have taken up doing quite alot of exercise and also i have been drinking the cherry juice from holland and barratt, i think if it is just pure juice it will not interact against the tablets( known ones are grapefruit and strangly seville oranges ) but if you want to be sure contact your BCN. I do feel better but have come to think of it as my new normal, chin up


Hi Angie

You sound as if you’re the same as me. I’m on Exemestane and I’ve picked up every virus/illness there is to have over the winter. I feel absolutely worn out, so tired and about 93 with my achey joints. In fact I’ve been having a moan not half an hour ago.

I got some vitamin and mineral tablets from the supermarket after seeing an article saying that zinc was the stuff to deal with viruses. I haven’t had any viruses since starting them but I’m still very tired and have no energy for anything.

I’ve contacted an acupuncturist this morning to see if she can help. Her leaflet says ‘increased energy levels’ so I’ll see what she has to say and probably give it a go.

It’s 3 and a half years now since my DX. Once my treatment was over I learned to swim and used to go to the pool 3 times a week and swim upwards of 40 lengths. Now I have difficulty getting there once a week and I’m lucky if I can do more than 10.

It’s got to be down to the Exemestane I think. But what the solution is I just don’t know Maybe someone on here will have found something which helps.

Take care and look after yourself.

Jan xxx

Compared to a lot of you, I was relatively fortunate. I had a mastectomy four years ago but no radiotherapy or chemo, but I can’t say I have coped with hormone therapy at all.

After nearly four years feeling ill on Tamoxifen I was place on Aromasin at Christmas.

I can’t believe how awful the last three months have been with headaches on waking and the most appaling joint pains. For someone who has always enjoyed sport this has been the final score.

No more hormone therapy for me!

Best wishes to all of you brave ladies who have had to deal with chemo etc and are still continuing with Aromasin etc.

hi everyone, still on exemastane/aromasin, have things got better? no not really i have just learnt to cope with everything, have been having a personal trainer to try and help with tiredness and joint pains, it does help with the aches but if i stop for a few days its no different, hot flushes - hey ho they come and go, yes i am cheesed off with it all, just hoping i stay NED and i can come off them next Autumn (2012) counting down.

Love to all Annie

Hi Annie

I’m still on Aromasin too. Having had tamox and letrozole it’s the lesser of the three evils for me but I’m stiff as a board too and have difficulty getting down the stairs in the morning. My knees are so painful all the time and if I sit down for any length of time I have difficulty getting up. My two year old grandson has started grunting and groaning when he bends over now. :slight_smile: I’ll have to try and stop groaning!!!

I finish Aromasin in December 2012.

Keep well

Jan xx

hi Jan

Glad you are ok, made me smile thinking of your grandson copying your grunting, they really keep life cheerful.

Take care

Hi there everyone Hip Hip Hurry Onc told me to stop Aromasin today taken it for four long years plus a year of Tamx Will let you all know soon if all of my problems disappear (I do hope so) Take care all of you Love Diane xx

wonderful, do let us know how things go.

best wishes
Charhie x



Good news Diane. Hope you’ll soon be feeling better.


For some reason the for last couple of weeks I’ve been pain free and haven’t had stiff joints. I haven’t a clue why. My knees are fine and the grandson has stopped grunting so I must have stopped too.

I feel absolutely fine. I wish I knew why this has happened I could tell you the solution then but I haven’t done anything different. I just hope it doesn’t come back.

Love to you all

Jan xx