Aromatasa inhibitors after tamoxifen and oophorectomy ?

Dear leadies,

I finished my 5 year course of Tamoxifen on Feb 12, have a profilactyc salpingo oophorectomy on April and, I’d like to be put on Letrazole or whatever other drug is available. I have an appointment at the end of this week to see my onco, I am quite anxious as I belive, he won’t consider this as an option. He’s very conservative on his approache to cancer treatment and I am not. As the recient Leeds study showed, recurrent with BC is a real danger and I just don’t want to play with it. I would like to know how others feel about it and if any of you can give me any advice on this pls.


Bringing this up onto latest posts for happynipple

Jo, Facilitator

Hi Happynipple

I see it’s a while since you posted so things may have moved on and I hope you’ve got what you wanted.

For what it’s worth, I had a prophylactic oophorectomy and there was no question about continuing with AI meds. After all, the body still produces oestrogen from fat and that’s what AIs seek to prevent. From what I gather it’s pretty standard to have AI after a few years on Tamoxifen with or without ovaries.

If your oncologist takes a conservative approach to your treatment and this does not fit in with your approach is it possible for you to move to be treated by a different oncologist? It’s YOUR body, YOUR treatment.