As anyone had a failed silicone implant?

I had db mx last July and had tissue expanders inserted both sides! Eventually they wer inflated and I had radiotheraphy to right side. 7 weeks ago I had them replaced for silocene implants! Last week I had noticed the scar on the cancerous side had split slightly. To begin with I was treated with antibiotics and told it was an infection 3 days later no better and now a slight yellow discharge! Went bac to surgeon who now said the implant would have to be removed beacause it wouldn’t be any good now. Had it out on Saturday and he put a much smaller one in. He said the radiation had caused the skin to break and inside he found the implant had come through the pocket. Has anyone else had such a scenario??? I am one uneven and he offered to take the other side out and swap it for a smaller one to match but I can’t face anymore surgery all I want to do is get on with the rest of my life!?

Sorry to hear of your failed implant Rosie14. I had a similar experience with my expander implants due to radiotherapy leaving me with a poor blood supply. Luckily they could drain the implant and treat me. I was in hospital for 9 days on antibiotics as a big patch of skin had gone black. It took 6 months to fully heal.
They would like to replace my implants with silicone ones but are worried that I’ll get an infection - like you - and then I’ll be unable to have any implants.
I’ve recently had some lipofilling to deal with the lopsided effect and so far it looks good. Could your surgeon offer you that to make the smaller side bigger? It is surgery but it’s no where near as invasive as recon.
If you want to chat pm me x

Hello Rosie - and Bean,

I’m sorry to hear you’ve both had problems with your implants. I also had to have an implant removed 4 months after a bilateral mastectomy operation due to chronic infection. This was saline, not silicone implants but my surgeon believes this was due to radiation damage (even though the skin appeared really good and 2years on from the radiation treatment). I’ve been told I can’t have another implant and I can’t have a reconstruction at all now. I explored the lipofilling but this wasn’t an option suitable for me. It was very disappointing.

I wish I could say something to make it better! I do think it’s okay to 'not do anything ’ while you recover and you can revisit this.

Happy to chat further with either of you.

Rattles, x

Oh my, here I am again! Had mx in sept 14 with silicon implant recon. Started chemo in October and infections after chemo 1 and 2 so implant removed at Christmas. Finished chemo in April and had expander implant 6 weeks later, and just had number 7 out of 15 rads.

Today the scar started to weep. Luckily surgeon was available so drained some saline from the implant to remove pressure, cleaned up, dressed and antibiotics.

Now we have to wait and see! I thought it was going so well this time. I’ll be gutted if it doesn’t work but my Tamoxifen belly is growing nicely for diep!!

Sorry to hear there are so many of us who experienced these problems, especially those still trying to get things under control. It’s very hard. Out of interest - did you have expander implants, or silicone?



Rattles I had silicon in September, replaced with Becker expander in may which is 50/50 silicon/ saline.

That’s what I had. I didn’t realise it was a mix of silicone and saline. Have to say it feels like a freezer bag with water in! 

Totally agree Rosie. My surgeon keeps talking about when we replace the expander with silicon we could do an uplift on the other side. Woah! Not sure if I can even face the replacement yet.

Did you have radiotherapy? I’m in the middle at the mo and that’s made my expander tight.