As long as your around your life is too !!

Hi all just finished a book about life and th words at th end I thought wer appropriate and true !!

As long as your around your life is too .so just as you shower love and affection and attention on th husbands wives parents children and forever friends who surround you , you have to do so equally with your life, because it’s yours ,it’s you, and it’s always there rooting for you cheering you on even when you feel you can’t do it . I gave up on my life for a while but what iv learnt is that even when that happens life never gives up on you. Mine didn’t and wel be there for each other until those final moments when we will look at each other and say ’ thanks for staying until the end ’
And that’s the truth .
Rozita x


Lovely words rozita. I’m having a really bad time at the moment. My husband walked out on me and our three year old boy three months ago (two days after I got out of hospital following recon). I know I should be celebrating being ‘here’ but I find it so hard sometimes.

Love and hugs xx

They are lovely words ,finding it really hard at the moment and i really need to listen to those words .thanks xxx

Need to reread those words over and over again because I’m losing hold of my life at present…
I’m through BC dx but other conditions and limitations overshadow our world oh so quickly…
I’m hanging on but it is so lonely and so hard!

I love reading words like that!

Thank you for posting them.

You ladies on here are amazing so sorry t hear some of you are having a hard time at th moment. I do hope things get better n I hope th words help. But I guess thts all they are words!!
Be strong n take care sending lots of love x rozita

Lovely words Rozita
I need to take note of them, as i am struggling at the moment, and i am 2 years post dx at the moment.


Hi naz same time as md then I’m 2 years n 2 months since diagnosis you’d think we’d b ok but thers so many hurdles !! X rozita