As tough as taxotere-surely not!

To date I’ve had 6 cycles of combined taxotere+herceptin (I have mets to pleura, liver and bone), On Thursday I then had a cycle of just herceptin and feel almost as bad as I did on the combined treatment. Am exhausted and aching-naively assumed that the worst of the previous symptoms had been caused by the taxotere, but perhaps not! As the last scan was showing quite good results, I’m not complaining-but have so often heard it said that herceptin is an “easy” option-just wondering if anyone else has found that the side effects are pretty noticeable? Am actually wondering if I’m about to come down with flu or something as I’m aching so much-it’s easy to forget at times that we can still get aches and pains which aren’t related to the cancer…

Hi Elaine,

you don’t say what sort of gap there has been between finishing the taxotere and this cycle of herceptin on its own. If it hasn’t been long it is possible that the taxotere is still affecting you. I have been on herceptin now since January 04 and don’t really think I have had any side effects apart from the very first one. You are so right to say that we tend to forget we can be prone to all the normal aches and pains etc. I think we get a bit paranoid about every twinge thinking it might be cancer related :(. Hope next time things sort themselves out and you will be o.k.


Thanks Dawn-just 3 weeks since the combined cycles, so like you, am pretty convinced that I’m either about to come down with something else, or the tax is still doing it’s work. Overall I felt I coped with the combined sessions well, and expected this to be much easier. We’re waiting for the results of the latest CT scan done last week, before my onc makes a decision on where we go from here with the treatment. But the previous scan, done after 4 cycles showed that the tumour in the liver had decreased by over 50%, so it’s a regimen I’ll be more than happy to maintain for longer if necessary.
Strangely, the pains this time do feel a bit different-less achy,and sharper.

Hi Elaine,
I too had 6 combined Tax/Herc(lymph and liver mets)every three weeks then went onto Herc on it’s own.I’m now on my 11th and don’t have any problems with it apart from aches and stiffness in joints.Apparently this does happen if you have had both together.My liver tumour shrank too but has now changed shape so they want to put my on Xeloda to control it.

I had Taxotere and Herceptin separately for primary bc, and I am sure what you are suffering is most likely to be from the Taxotere.

It took weeks for the side effects of Tax to wear off after my 4 doses (finished last November). I started Herceptin in March, and have had no real side effects apart from a runny nose and a little tiredness (which could be the Arimidex…who knows)!

Good luck with your treatment ladies.


I am shortly to start taxotere and Herceptin combined. Have requested this myself to get on with Herceptin asap. As far as I know I have primary bc. But am also HER2. Have read on internet that it could be combined and gave good results. Is this true? Is anyone else havin this combination for primary bc? Would like to share symptoms, progress as really worried in particular about starting taxotere.

I’m afraid that I’m on this regimen as I have metastatic cancer, starfish, so can’t really advise. But I do believe that this combination works well for primary-good luck with the treatment:hope it goes well for you.

I had FEC, Taxotere and herceptin for primary, remember quite well finding myself very stiff for a couple of months after finishing TAX escpecially if getting out of the car or literally stumbling out of the bed in the mornings like I was drunk.

It did wear off and the remainder was a doddle once they got a vein.



I have a second primary on left side. The last one was on the right side 18months ago and was treated by surgery, rads and tamoxifen. This new one if a primary (inflammatory) so treatment very different commenced with three rounds of FEC but due to lack of good enhough response onc has put me on taxotere and carboplatin and I will have taxotere, carboplatin and herceptin together in three weeks time. I have taxotere and carboplatin this moring and feel a lot better than I did at this point in the day when I received FEC combination. Steriods kept me awake for most of last night but I am still not very sleepy so will hang on until a reasonably late hour just to sleep through part of the night.

Happy to check in with you on symotoms etc. Hope all goes well.