Aspirin and Cancer in the news today

Very interesting research/studies published today.
Anyone already taking aspirin under their oncs direction?

Hi Tina

I did hear quite a bit about this on the radio this morning. I have not had any advice around taking Aspirin but am considering asking the question. Anything that improves my chances of not having a recurrence is of interst to me! Jayne.

I heard this too. On breakfast news, the figures they were giving implied it was some sort of wonder drug - with a 40% improvement in survival rates for people who had already been diagnosed with cancer. Given the simplistic way theses things are often reported, I would take that with a ‘pinch of salt’ (not literally, yuk), but never-the-less, it does sound very encouraging. I’m seeing my ONC on Monday anyway, so it will be interesting getting his take on things.
Let’s face it, it’s a bit more uplifting than last weeks reporting - when it apperared that anyone who had ever had a glass of wine was DOOMED! Over-simplifying, moi?!

I think the medical profession have been looking at Aspirin as a potential treatment for C for quite a while now. I believe there was a nurses study quite a few years ago (in the US I believe), which looked at thousands of people taking aspirin. But that was about it’s ability to prevent cancer, rather than reduce the chances of progression in those already diagnosed with a primary.
As I understand it, the theory is that it works by being an anti-inflammatory - as cancer is a type of inflammatory disease (apparently it manipulates inflmmation to increase blood flow).
As someone with secondary C, I would be interested to find out if it can slow progression. I know they are saying that it can reduce progression from primary status to secondary, but that’s not quite the same as slowing progression, once cancer becomes metastatic is it? Guess as they are saying it takes around 5 years to have any effect, it would be difficult to establish (as many stage 4 peeps do not survive that long).

Thanks for posting the link Tina, I saw the article on the BBC news website I will ask my onc what his views are about this when I have an appointment, but like TSR said its positive news for a change and not all doom and gloom!.
Anyone with news relating to this article please post ie: oncs opinions etc. Many thanks
Love and light to all
sarahlousie xx

when i was on tamoxifen my onc said to take a 75mg asprin a day to prevent blood clots and also as an anti cancer drug

Lolly , thats interesting - I’ve just emailed the nurses at BCC to ask about tamox and aspirin. The reports I read suggest the benefits most focussed on gastro and bowel cancers, and people with fammily history of those- and that the aspirin benefit takes 3 years to work, and doubles your chance of stomach bleeds from general population . But as my dad had bowel cancer and my mum oesophageal I am seriously considering starting aspirin - the effect should kick in just as my tamox finishes.
Very good info on cancer research uk site.
will post if i find any more details out.

Hi, yes good to hear a bit of a glimmer out there. I read about this last year, asked my onc and she said yes take it no probs, but if u get stomach probs stop!!! so I did what I always do, bought a ton of enteric coated ones, took one and the remainder are still in the drawer, I do the same with vitamins, dont know why. anyway will start to take them now. I like the link with inflammation and the body in a state of acidity, makes it easier for the monster to develop. Just beofre I got my little buddy, I was drinking a wee bit to much wine, due to stress at work, and I did feel very acicic, if that makes sence.

here hoping , take care xx

Have now read these 3 papers and Nicola is right that the main effects are seen in gastric, colon and oesophageal. There are effects seen on BC, ductal & lobular, and the results are similar from observational studies, where they ask people how much aspirin they take and then see what happens to them, and randomised trials when they give people aspirin or placebo and see if there is a difference. The speculation is that is the same mechanism that affects cardiovascular health which affect cancer tumour growth and metatisis. The platelets influence how easy it is for the cancer cells to ‘stick’ and hold on to establish themselves. Worth asking your Onc but I wouldn’t think it’s advisable to take aspirin if you’re on chemo.

Gastroeneterologists have been recommending aspirin for years to help prevent bowel cancer so it’s not really anything new. Wouldn’t have thought it was a good idea to self-medicate without professioinal medical advice though.

I spoke to my GP about this today. She said that unless there was some sort of official guidelines sent out, they couldn’t recommend it, but as long I didn’t have any contraindications for taking aspirin like asthma or stomach ulcers, then if I wanted too a 75mg daily dose should be fine.