Assessment Appointment tomorrow and I'm confused......

Wow well I have read nurmerous threads on this site um and am amazed at the support it’s fantastic, but I am confused,  err 55 had my mamogram and a now week later received a letter for another screening for tomorrow,

I moved from all my family and friends recently to be with my partner, so I am confused as my partner and I are having problems, and I haven’t said anything re the assessment appointment and not sure if I should, on the one hand I have convinced myself the first images were blurred hence the recall for another image or I have just a blocked milk duct in one of my boobs and be told to come back in three years, and so I think from that assumption there is no point in saying anything to my partner or any family etc, ( I am actually going to this second appointemnt tomorrow on my own) , would have been a lot easeir if I was told I just needed the images re done again as the first ones were blurred, I don’t think I’m scared of what “might” be, more of how I am going to drive home with information that I am not sure I am prepared for.  So confused…     .com, I wish it was this time tomorrow…thank you all for letting me share my thoughts





Hi viveve and welcome to the BCC forums

I am sorry to read that you have this worry, please feel free to call our helpliners whilst you await replies here. Our team are on hand with practical and emotional support for you on 0808 800 6000 and lines are open today 9-5 (weekdays 9-5 and Sat 10-2)

Take care
Lucy BCC