Asthma and radiotherapy

Hi everyone I’m back on the forum after a few weeks off, I wanted to try and forget I was a bc statistic for a bit. Anyway I started rads this week. Felt fine during the week but asthma which I’ve not had bad for years has flared up. Wondered if this could be due to the rads somehow? Rebecca

Dear Rebecca

It sounds like you are having a tough time with your radiotherapy further complicated by your asthma.  Have you spoken to any of our specialist nurses on the Helpline 0808 800 6000?  Alternatively you can always post a question to our nurses on the Ask Our Nurses area here on the Forum.

Best wishes
Digital Community Officer

Started rads yesterday ,have to take deep breaths for 20 seconds, as mine is on left , couldn’t do that today ,had to start again after using my puffer all was ok ! Have found I neeeded use puffer more ? Dawn