At last

start chemo 29 September. Seems ages since I had my surgery but seen oncologist today she is happy after biopsies in other parts it’s all systems go. Not looking forward to it but the sooner its started the earlier I can get to warmer climes this winter well Spring now. Have a good weekend everyone.

Good news! I haven’t got a start date and I’m also looking forward to traelling to warmer climes - feels like I totally missed out on summer this year! Can I ask what  biopsies you ahd to have and why? Im paranoid mine has spread, despite having negative nodes. Good luck for the 29th, xx

hello Caffy following CT scan something showed up on my onmentum which is a layer of fat which protects your organs. Thankfully after biopsies and mdt meetings they have decided it was soft tissue from an old injury but I had 3 weeks worrying about it. Still have pain in my lower rib cage rhs where I had mastectomy 8 weeks ago wish it would go because it worries me. Not looking forward to my first chemo when you read how some ladies  suffered but it’s got to be done. Sorry about the underlining iPad been playing up all evening… Good luck with your treatment x Val

If it helps after my original breast biopsies I got the pain and mentioned this to the Consultant who said it was normal I also mentioned it again to my BCN this week she said the same but it is uncomfortable feels like my bra is too tight. Now starting to worry that Jackie Collins has died of BC I am over 70 not much though and it’s frightening. So much more living to do. Look after yourself. X Val