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I found a lump last Monday, on my left breast. I actually woke up with my hand on it, aware that it was there, which was weird! Anyway, I went to see the doctors on Tuesday who agreed that there is a lump, but she has said that I should go back once I have had my period, to make sure that it isn’t just hormonal. My period was 12 days away when I found it.

I assume (I know you should never assume!) that as the doctor is quite relaxed about it that she isn’t too worried. It isn’t a round lump, more of a lumpy kind of round ridge. A bit of a funny description! It does kind of hurt when I press it, did anyone else experience pain?

I am trying to not become obsessive about feeling it, and I only check it once a day.

I’m not actually sure why I am posting? Just to say hello I guess. I have read through a lot of your stories and they are really inspirational and supportive. I hope I won’t need any support, in the nicest possible way! But I thought I would say hello.


Hi, i was the same as you, went to docs about my lump and they said come back if its still there after my period which was a week away. The lump stayed put and ive got a breast clinic appointment on the 19th july. Its totaly normal feeling it constantly, i even do it while driving my car! I was referred as routine which i must admit is frustrating because of the wait, but i hope its a good thing.
Make sure to go back if its still there after your period and dont be fobbed off, its better to get it checked properly by “the experts”.
I will stop waffling now, keep ya chin up,

I went back to the doctors today, and she confirmed that it is still there. Although I couldn’t find it to begin with, having been able to find it half an hour earlier in the shower!

So I am now going to be referred to the Breast Clinic, which will take two weeks. Can anyone fill me in as to what will happen there?

Thank you.

Hi JessB,

when I was diagnosed in March I went to a ‘one-stop’ breast clinic at my local hosp. I was first examined by a Dr then went off to have a mammogram. The mammo was done twice and after the consultant radiologist looked at them I was sent for an U/S of both boobs and armpits. Once I’d had these I was sent in to see the consultant surgeon. He then did a fine needle aspiration and also took several biopsies. Not an altogether comfortable experience however it was over pretty quickly.

At the time I was told by the consultant that they were v.concerned about my lump and that they would be able to give me the provisional results in an hour!! So, after the longest hour of my life, me and OH went to get the results. Unfortunately for me the news was not so good. However, I am pleased that there was no hanging around!

Thats basically what happened at my local hosp but obviously others on here may have a different experience of what their breast clinic is like.

I really hope the news for you is good when you do go. Be sure to let us know,

Take care,


I got my appointment through this morning. They don’t hang around, next Tuesday. Eek. It feels a bit really and scary now.

Hi Jess,

its reassurring that they don’t hang around. I remember the few days before my appt, I was soooooo stressed out. I ended up telling my mum, which initially I hadn’t planned to do, as I was just so highly strung and she knew something was going on. The days leading up to your appt will no doubt be fraught with emotion. I cried loads, but to be honest I am a bit of a weeping willow at times anyway, it doesn’t take me much!! You know where we all are if things do get on top of you and you wanna sound us out,

I wish you well for tues. I hope the news for you is good. If things don’t go as hoped then please remember that we are all here for you and will totally understand whatever it is you will be feeling. I will be thinking of you and will be keeping my fingers and toes firmly crossed.

Take care and be sure to let us know how you get on,


wish you well for tues jess,
i went to one stop on 12 july mine was dx as fluid cyst and they fna it while i was there however i still have the lump and its changing shape, i go bk in 2 weeks for another ultra sound

princess is right try and stay poss, i didnt cry i worried inwardly and had an angina attack which was in hosp for 1 night

but all lumps are not necc bc hon so hold on to the thought that it might be a cyst and it will go in an instance if its fluid.

princess i,m sry you got bad news hon but this forum is fantastic and really does help everyone

my prayers are with you princess, have you had any treatment yet?



I’m new to the forum and just wanted to say thank you for your encouraging words to Jess, as I’m at the same stage as her. I have my initial appointment on Monday and I can’t remember when I was more petrified. My partner and I will be at a music festival this weekend as he has helped to organise it. I’m a photographer, so I’ll be taking pictures of all the bands and that should keep me busy! I’m in constant pain, though, and that’s just serving as a reminder about it all; a sort of backdrop to everything else, if you see what I mean. This fear is one of the most awful experiences I’ve ever had but I’m so thankful that you are all here on this forum to alleviate it.

Needless to say, my prayers are with you. Now you know what you are dealing with and you can count on our love and support to help you through it.

Take care, Hon

hi beano, my thoughts and prayers will be with you on monday i hope you get good results

Thank you, ceegra.

I’m back from the festival, absolutely shatttered. Somewhat worried about tomorrow but plan to try and have a good laugh this evening, thanks to some “Coupling” (TV series) DVDs I’ve treated myself to!

Your thoughts and prayers, as ever, are very gratefully received and you can rest assured that mine are also with you. Together, we are a force to be reckoned with, don’t you think?!

Hi Beano,

I’ll be thinking about you tomorrow, fingers crossed and all that. Make sure you come back and tell us how it went.


Hi Jess,

I will try and let you know about it before you go for yours. Take care and thank you in advance for crossing your fingers for me. Please feel free to cross anything else as well; roads, bridges :slight_smile:

All the best, Hon
beano x

Good luck to Jess and Beano.

The waiting is the worst bit. I got diagnosed with grade one invasive bc on Friday but the 2 week wait was far worse than the results which is weird. Remember, most lumps and bumps are nothing to worry about and it is great that we have such a good system on the whole to help us fight it. This forum was a godsend for me - it is a comfort to know there are others to run things by.

All the best,

Thank you Ruith,

Remember you are in my thoughts and prayers. I think I understand what you mean by the wait being worse than the results. And I must say how greatful I am to everyone on this forum for being so welcoming and supportive. At first I was concerned that it might not be for me as I have not been diagnosed with breast cancer but I’ve quickly found that the people here understand and appreciate the way it is for those of us like myself and Jess who haven’t been diagnosed but are anxious and fearful. It’s very comforting to be accepted and supported at this stage.

Take care,
beano x

Hi Jess,

Just enquiring about Larry today. Oliver is being a pain, as usual!

All the breast (damn! I did it again!)
beano x

I just sniggered out loud!

Larry is fine. Just sat there, twiddling his thumbs, waiting for tomorrow.

I am glad that Oliver is nothing to worry about.


Hello Jess,

I’ve just got back from my appointment. Thank God it’s all clear. The pain and the swelling is down to hormones!

The staff at the hospital were really lovely so, if your clinic is anything like mine, I’m sure you will feel as much at ease as you can under the circumstances. I had a mammogram; both breasts; healthy one first and I explained to the nurse that I was in some pain wwith the other one so she lowered the plate onto that breast manually, which meant it was done more slowly but I can honestly say that the experience itself was not painful. It was a little uncomfortable but really nothing to worry about. The mammagram was all I needed for the doctor to make her diagnosis and, strangely, I burst into tears when she told me I was OK. I suppose the pressure over the past couple of weeks has been building up and had to come out somehow.

Jess, you know I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow. I’ll keep my eye on the time in the morning and send as much prayer and positive thought for you as I can muster.

Take care, Hon, and please try not to worry.

beano x

Thanks Beano, that means so much to me. It all sounds very easy and straight forward.

I am so pleased for you, having the all clear.

I’ll be back tomorrow to let you know my news.

Thanks again, for filling me in and thinking about me.


oh beano, babe, i,m thrilled for you, i too was like that little over a fortnight ago, now i,m as scared as hell as the lump is very def and very ridgy,
if i could stand babe i,d do an irish jig for you.

yes i,m sure we can stay and be a force to help all, note i,m still airing on poss side,lol

i have found the lovely folk on here wonderful and i will not leave even if i get the all clear as i feel so close to you all

jess i will be praying for you tomorow hon good news i pray

will let you know when mine is its sometime early aug round 12th ish i think lol

blessing and love

Thank you ceegra.

There’s a real feeling of solidarity here. This forum is like a model for Life. A group of people, indiviually pouring all the love and strength they can muster into a pool of love that’s shared equally by everyone. There’s no squabbling because one person thinks another person has had more than their fair share. It’s all about giving and naturally reaping the benefits.

Jess, there’s tons and tons of love in that pool and I’m throwing it in by the bucketload (along with everybody else, of course!) so you make sure you draw on it as much as you need to. It never runs out and there’s more than enough for everyone.

I’ve crossed everything of mine for you; (bit difficult to type!), and now I’m off to play twister with my partner. I reckon that’s the best way for me to cross everything of his! Well maybe not EVERYTHING of his! Ouch!!!

I’ll be with you at 10 past 10 (and beyond; I know sometimes you have to wait a while!)

Take care, Hon.