Attention all Invasive Lobular Breast Cancer Ladies

Hello Misty K. I was incredibly lucky in that my ILC made my boob feel heavier than normal which took me to GP despite clear mammogram six months earlier. I was luck that ILC invaded a duct and what was spotted by a very eagle eyed consultant radiography was a small ductal tumour. The biopsy showed lobular features so had an MRI when my 80mm ILC was found. MRI also showed a grade 1 tiny thing in my other boob. So I had a lumpectomy and one lymph test on the left for the little thing and a mastectomy and lymph on the right. Right came back 2/3 lymph positive so having a full axillary clearance this Thursday then Chemo about six weeks later with Radio at some point in all this. Like you I have done a lot of reading and there is so little known about effective treatment for ILC. My chemo benefit is 5-9% between 5 and 15 years so happy to go for it. Thank you so much for starting this thread the lobular world can feel a bit lonely at times.


@jennyb1 good luck with your ongoing treatment

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Hello jennyb1

Thank you for your appreciaton. Iā€™m just glad to have pulled we lobular ladies together here. x