Atypical hyperplasia

Hi all, I have just joined so I am new here!! I have had a mad three weeks…went for the usual mammagram but was called back for further investigation which was a shock in itself…then told after ulrasound that I would need a biopsy in the right breast…got the results last thursday when I was told I had Atypical hyperplasia and they would need to take a centimetre chunk from the right breast but before they do that they also need a biopsy on the left breast as well which I was able to have the next day on friday…so getting the results from that on thursday this week. It is hard to believe this is all happening, I have been told that biopsy on right breast is not 100% benign…but it seems to be a grey area so it is not clear cut…
I am worrried about what I am going to hear on thursday this week. Waiting for the results is horrible, but I am trying to keep really busy and do things each day…not long til thursday now…

Hi grange and welcome to the BCC forums

In addition to the peer support you will soon have here our helpliners are on 0808 800 6000 with further support and information, lines are open weekdays 9-5 and Saturdays 10-2.

BCC have published a factsheet about atypical hyperplasia which you may find useful you can access it via this link:

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Thanks Lucy, I have since had to have another biopsy on the left breast and all is fine. but there is concern on right breast and consultant has now taken a larger sample from right breast which is being tested (had previously had biopsy done on right one from which they decided to go back and take more for testing. They have found LCIS, ADH and pleopmorphic changes so they are doing more tests for more opinions, but have been told this is a grey area but I will probably need further surgery and radiotherapy but what I have is not invasive or aggressive…seeing consulant this evening for results of all tests. Consultant thinks more surger will prob be required to get clear margins…or potentially a mastectomy. It is all very confusing and I am not sure until this evening what the way forward will be. Consultant has assured me he does want to over treat me but also does not want to under treat me…
I am exhausted by all of this and struggling with all the greyness!!!