I can’t believe I’m writing this and I’m sorry to have to pass on the news that Aunico (Vicky) died yesterday. It was very quick and unexpected but I  think quite peaceful and unknown to Vicky herself.


She was a regular on Tuesday Live Chat and was also one of my friends on another Secondry support group and was a lovely woman. We chatted on Live Chat on Tuesday and she was a bit concerned about a few issues but was seeing the team the following day and was going to discuss all. Her husband was with her and whilst at the hospital for her appointment Vicky lost consciousness and did not recover.


My thoughts are with her husband and other loved ones, it must be a huge shock for them all, it certainly has left me realing and must be so much worse for them.


Aunico, thank you for your friendship and support, I  will miss you but will remember you fondly. RIP xx

I’m very sorry to hear this as she was a active part of our book club but she is now at peace from the pain .
Rip aunico xxxx

Oh dear, I am sorry. I didnt really know her, but what a shock for her husband too!

please let her family know how sorry we arexx



Hi all,

I am so sad to hear about the passing of Aunico. Please accept our condolences and pass them on  to her family and friends.

Thank you for taking the time to inform us of this news - we will close her account accordingly.

Best wishes,


I’m so sorry to hear of Aunico (Vicky) passing. she was always loved and remembered.

Best wishes,