Avastin Side Effects?

I was dx in Jan 09 with Grade 3 triple neg tumour of 1.8cm. Had mx and node clearance (all clear), followed by FEC and radiotherapy. I am also taking part in the Beatrice trial so am also receiving Avastin every 3 weeks which finishes at the end of March. I have started getting lower back and hip pain and was wondering if this might be an effect of the Avastin.

I have had the usual side effects of nose and gum bleeding but so far have been free of other s/e. I just wanted to hear of anyone elses experiences and to know if there is anyone else taking part in this trial.


Paula x

Rawlie I have just found this old comment of yours. I am also on Avastin, with Zometa for bone mets, and have been having problems with lower back pain, hip and feet. Trouble is I don’t know which drug is doing it - hoping it is the Avastin as think I will be on the zometa for life.

How long were you on Avastin for, and did the se last all the way through?

Finty, I was on Avastin for a year, finished beg. of April. I had quite severe pain in my hip and intermittant pain in my back which started in January (so that was the last 4 months of treatment). Had a bone scan and xray - all clear. Haven’t been able to come up with an explanation for it. However, I have noticed that it has been improving recently. So maybe it was the Avastin, but no-one knows for sure!!!

Rawlie x

Thanks Rawlie - glad to hear your pain is improving.