await my results - so scared

hi i have recently found a lump in my breast

had mammogram ultra sound biopsy

await results tuesday

any help pleas


Hi Lynn

You are very welcome here and I am sure you will have support from your fellow users who will know just how you are feeling. You may also find it helpful to call our helpliners for further support and lines re open tomorrow at 9am, opening hours weekdays 9-5 and Sat 10-2 on 0808 800 600

Here’s a link to the BCC ‘Worried about breast cancer’ information which I hope you will find helpful:

Take care

Lucy BCC

Hi lyn,


I was where you were at the beginning of December. The lump I found was FNA ed and turned out to be a benign cyst. They did however, find something else on my other breast which is not a lump but micro calcifications and this is still under investigation over a month later. I am waiting to here about a date for a stereotactic biopsy following additional mammogram imaging etc. 


What type of biopsy did you have? Did they drain any fluid or is it a solid lump? If you had a FNA is the lump gone? One thing I can tell you is that as everyone on here told me and I have found out, waiting is hard. Very hard. I have been through all sorts of ups and downs waiting. What has helped me is just being able to vent or read through others stories on here and the Macmillan site. There are so many amazing people that have made me feel that even if I do recieve bad news, it’s okay because the people on here are going through it and coming out the other side. 


Please keep updating and let us know how you get on on Tuesday.


Sending lots of love.