awaiting biopsy results on breast calcifications, day 8

New on here but having a read at some very inspirational stories :slight_smile: Had a large volume biopsy done last wednesday on some breast calcifications. Initially found a lump in left breast in July , was referred to breast clinic who said lump was nothing to worry about, however they found calcifications on my right breast. Having been told they were fine and nothing to worry about (I left with a huge smile)  I was called back to say that another radiologist disagreed and thought they needed further investigation. Had the biopsy done last Wednesday. Being clamped to a mammogram machine whilst biopsies are taken is not the best experience Ive ever had but I tried to be brave (wasnt that successful) and I am awaiting the results. It feels like I have lost the past 2 months of my life. Has anyone had this type of biopsy and if so how long did you wait for your results ? I was so traumatized by the procedure I forgot to ask how long it would take for results :slight_smile: At this stage I just want to know what Im dealing with as I lost my mother to breast cancer 20 years ago and I have a sister who was diagnosed with atypical hyperplasia a few months ago … 

Hi JammyK God those biopsies are the pits aren’t they? I’m a real wuss about mammos anyway, so being  stuck in the machine for longer while they aim a staple gun at you is no joke. I’m wise now and take 2 paracetamol one and half hours  before any breast procedure where I’m to be in that damn machine. Bit late for you now, but if at any time in the future you need one, or anyone else reading this, it certainly does help, even a wuss like me. I had about 10 days to wait before the results i think.


By the way, I first had core biopsy in 2003 and benign calcifications diagnosed, and no problem for the next 13 years - all 3 yearly routine mammos afterwards were fine. The early stage breast cancer i was diagnosed with last winter was apparently completely unconnected with the calcifications (which as far as I know I still have) so it may well be that like me in 2003, your biopsy will confirm that they are benign and will give you no further cause to think about them. If on the offchance that it is BC, be assured that there are so many successful treatments out there that I’m told that if we have to have cancer then BC is the best one to have! Try not to think the worst and let us know how you get on. xxxxxxx

I was expecting a routine check up yesterday until they told me what they found and what needed to be done.

like you I was also left traumatised by the whole experience.

i had mammogram,ultrasound then vacuum biopsies which I found traumatic.

The calcifications are starting to group which I’m told can be cancerous once they become active.

Right now I’m in limbo.?