awaiting biopsy results

hi everyone never thought i would be on a site like this !!!
i had a biopsy after the dr did an aspirate on a lump found in my breast this was found on routine mammogram. i had no idea i had a lump as could not feel it , still can’t. the lump is a smooth oval shape so i know that is encouraging and the aspirate showed blood in it.
now waiting for results which is about 2 weeks so on an emotional roller coaster part of me thinks its only a cyst then have a panic and think the worst… has anybody had this and what were the results please.

Hi melyanne,

Haven’t had same as you but just wanted to say hello, hopefully someone will be along soon with some more advice for you. This is the worst time because your head is all over the place, this site is sooooo helpful and comforting, hope your results go well, keeping my fingers crossed for you, take care and lots of hugs xx

hi katytc
thank you for replying to my post. my head is all over the place from thinking good and bad things… but good to have a site like this to share thoughts.
best wishes to you xx

Hi katytc
I am in the waiting room too and agree that it is agonising, stressful , emotional and downright naff!!!
i found a 2 lumps, one in my armpit and one close by, has u/s and biopsy yesterday and awaiting the results. the armpit lump is a lymph node and they are trying to find out why it is enlarged and the other they are trying to find out why its there or what it is? i don’t know! either way i will be thinking of you as i know how you feel and its crap!
big hugs and best of luck

OOOH also my other waiting room buddy has completed her waiting time and all is good news so there is always hope for us all

Hi sparrow3,

Wishing you all the best with your results too!!! Remember and let us know how you get on. As everyone else says it is easier when you know one way or the other, when you’re in limbo you are basically on your own and all these doubts keep coming which is awful, very good news about your friend, so fingers crossed for you both, take care and lots of hugs xx

anybody any tips on how to cope with agonising wait for biopsy results !! lack of sleep is hard am back to work tomorrow after week annual leave so will keep me busy!!
best wishes to you all x