Awaiting biopsy results

Hi I went for a mammogram after finding a lump in right breast which turned out to be a cyst but they ‘found something’ on left breast mammogramed twice ultrasound and biopsy. Not given me any clues just got to go out of my mind with worry for 2 weeks. Just wondering if there’s no lump and it is cancer will it be early stages or could it be advanced the not knowing is awful

Hi Kristie,

The anxiety surround this situation is the pits, but you will get through it.

Thankfully, something has been picked up which needs further clarification, it is being dealt with & mostly, all turns out to be well.

If it is more serious, then the sooner it is dealt with the batter, bc is very treatable these days, with one of the best recovery rates.

When I was at your stage, I coped by going into a bit of a denial & keeping myself distracted. Avoiding google is also a good idea as it can make anxiety worse. If you feel you need more info, then use this site or the helpline.

Statistically, most women get the all clear.

ann x



Me too, Kristiem, (waiting for results, that is). Had my first mammo, recalled within 10 days and went along thinking was simply a poor image or some such nonsense as had no signs of anything. Within minutes of meeting radiographer was told that they’d found ‘something’ and would probably do ultrasound after mammo - then it was the biopsies and more mammo with another appointment made for a week after! I’ve been reading all manner of stuff (in here, not just random web searches) and thinking back to the recall last week trying to remember every little nuance of conversation look on their faces etc. So yes, not knowing and waiting is awful. But I’m telling myself that the recall after screening was exactly the right thing to do, and that if they have picked up something it’s being looked at and when i get the results they’ll let me know and if needed do whatever they need. Well, I’m telling myself that every time I start to worry a bit more :wink: Hope you’re doing ok and can find some solace/peace from your worrying in the meanwhile.

It’s awful isn’t it ? When do you get your results, do you have a lump ? I’m doing exactly the same going through the conversations picking over every morsal wishing I’d asked the dreaded question ‘is it likely to be cancer ?’ Even though I probably wouldn’t have got an answer, it’s driving me nuts, I’m trying to keep myself busy to keep my mind off things, but there it is niggling away in the back of my mind, my mum has had it ,had the lump removed,radiotherapy and has had the all clear, they said what she had wasn’t hereditary but you never know. Hope everything is OK with you and thanks for your reply it has made me realise my feelings are normal and I am not the only one. Good luck xx

Hi Ann I hope you are well and thank you for your reply, the not knowing I think is the worst as I am going over every possible scenario in my head as I’m sure you did too, I think it’s a good idea to avoid Google too I have had a little look but I know the only answer I’m going to get is from the results next week, trying to be strong and positive, some days are harder than others, doing the countdown 8 more sleeps! Best wishes to you x

Keeping everything crossed for a good outcome today please let us know how you get on, thinking of you x

Kristiem and Ladybowler


Phew. I think… Results are in. Still a bit gobsmacked at the speed of this ‘thing’ but it seems I have fibrous changes associated to a radial scar with ‘‘hmm’’ some necrosis and ‘‘hmm’’ no it’s not benign but it’s ‘‘hmm not cancer/malignant’’ based on the information thus far. The ‘‘hmm’’ were the very nice consultant’s measured response to my questions, bless him. Will be having this little (ish) ‘‘not-cancer’’ but ‘‘not benign’’ starfish out by wire assisted excision at some point soon. My understanding is that there may be a very low risk associated with these ‘scars’ of developing problems later and/or difficult to say for certain that it may not be hiding cancerous cells so get it out in day stay under local anaesthetic as soon as. Possibly 23 December but unsure as to wether they’ll be doing a full clinic that day so whilst they have spaces at this time it may be after Chrimbo. But it’s got to come out, so that’s good enough for me! It would be the best Christmas pressie, actually.


OK so it’s a ‘‘some say’’ risk for the future/possibly a risk but it’s an unwelcome lodger and will be evicted soon. And the door well and truly shut in it’s face as far as I’m concerned (pathology will review it when they’ve got it out). Obviously the above is not a medical report but results are in and it will be out.


Hoping you receive similar good news/positive outcome, Kristiem.


Thank you both for the support, it was very much appreciated and helped me focus on the positive

Tracey xx

So so happy for you what a huge relief best to have it removed get rid of anything that could turn into something, bet you had an amazing nights sleep, good luck with the op wishing you a speedy recovery and to ladybowler well done on the first step of taking tamoxifen my mum has them took her a while to get used to but alls well now. I’ve thrown myself into running to keep me focused and busy gives me a bit of me time and to clear my head, have to say I feel myself short on patience at the moment and little things I find irritating, the next week cannot go quick enough. Keep safe and well ladies xx

Another milestone to aim for… glad you have your dates and are going forward on this journey with hope and positivity. Gawd I never thought I’d be writing that in this kind of forum! It’s really opened my eyes as to the positive support one can get from 'Internet sources. And quite empowering as a result. Not long to start your sessions now! X