Awaiting Breast biopsy results on hard lump

Hi all, 

Like a lot of you ladies I saw a consultant over a week ago now. 
he checked, verified there was a lump and I then had a mammogram , ultrasound which then turned into a biopsy aswell with 6 samples taken. 

I get my results finally tomorrow after a horrible wait but I wondered what everyone’s experience was and what result they got? 

When I spoke to the consultant after the ultrasound he said that it looked like my 15mm hard lump could be cancerous and that we would need to wait on the biopsy to determine but I was to make an appointment at the desk for Thursday (tomorrow) after 6:30 pm as he said he would meet with his team and discuss my case and put a plan in place to discuss at my appointment. 

This left me in very little doubt about the fact he thought I had cancer and that is what I am expecting to hear - has anyone else had a consultant say they believe it may be cancer and then it turn out not to be? 

Thanks and sorry for the ramble. 

J x

You are not rambling Have you thought about any questions you want to ask your consultant if you are told it is bc? If it is bc, please do remember your team have seen it all before and know what to do :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :sparkles: :sparkles: Shi xx

Thinking of you, it’s an awful time.  I’m also awaiting results from core biopsy taken on Tuesday after something showed up in a routine mammogram.  It’s absolutely terrifying. 

I hope everything goes well for you