Awaiting core biopsy results

Hi all,

I’m 37, very strong family history of breast cancer with the BRCA1 gene, but I have a relative ‘blocking’ my testing.

I found a lump around 5-6 weeks ago, I saw the GP 4 weeks ago and was referred for a 2ww appointment. I saw a consultant who examined and agreed it was an unusual lump (it’s quite large, near to the surface and odd shaped- almost sausage like). Due to my age they wouldn’t mammogram me, ultrasound showed nothing but the lady scanning could feel it with the probe.

I underwent a core needle biopsy and am now waiting for my results. I’ve had a letter yesterday to go back on Thursday which is 2 weeks after the initial appointment. It says it’s with someone from the breast surgery team, and when I googled (maybe I shouldn’t of) they are a perisurgical specialist practitioner- trying to find out what that is isn’t easy (and I’m a nurse!), but I suspect it is someone who is likely to deal with the whole surgical process.

I’ve tried to call the breast consultants secretaries but I can’t get through.

I’m panicking- can anyone offer me something to calm down? Could it be that everything is ok and this isn’t cancerous? Wouldn’t it be a consultant if it was? Could it be they just want to remove the lump and it may not be cancer?

Hi Sarah,
The anxiety is horrible when waiting, but honestly, it can’t be second guessed at this stage, only the biopsy will get to the bottom of it.
Yes, of course it could be ok, for others here it’s turned out not to be bc following biopsy & yes, surgery can be for other reasons as well.
Even IF it is bc, then thankfully it would have been picked & then can be dealt with. There are loads of us here out the other side & doing just fine, but hopefully it won’t come to that.
If you want to, do let us know how you get on.
ann x



I just wanted to echo what ann has said.


Just because you are seing a consultant does not necessarily mean that it is bc, it is quite possible that it is a non cancerous lump which might need some treatment, as has been the case with quite a few ladies on here.


Try as much as you can to distract yourself, easier said than done and keep awy from Dr Google he is generaly misinformed or out of date.


Sending you a hug


Helena xx