Awaiting initial doctors appointment

Hi everyone,

I have read the messages on this forum for a couple of weeks now and found so much support that I decided to take the plunge and post myself!

Alarm bells first started ringing for me in February - I developed an itchy rash on parts of my stomach, sides and back. Went to doc who gave me antihistamines, but not only did they not work, but the itching spread to my left breast, initially on the part under my nipple, then my nipple itself and surrounding area. My right breast did not itch at all.

Around this time I also became aware that the outside and lower part of my left breast felt fuller than usual and that my arm kept catching against the side of my breast.

Sometime in March I found a pea size lump slightly higher than and to the left of my left breast, which didn’t hurt. I monitored the lump and it has grown slightly bigger, but not much.

The itching suddenly stopped about three weeks ago, which I found odd as I hadn’t been using any different shower gel or fabric conditioner etc. But around this time I also noticed pain in my left nipple and that the area around my left nipple had shrunk a little and that the nipple itself seemed a bit flat. The right one was fine.

The pain in my nipple has continued and this morning it seemed to sting aswell. When I looked at my nipple, it has cracked. This freaked me out a bit, as apart from whilst breast feeding, I have never had cracked nipples! Again, my right nipple looks the same as usual.

So I took a deep breath this afternoon and made an appointment with my GP, which is for next Tues, 14th June - having gained the courage after reading you guys’ experiences on here! Really nervous now and words of wisdom/support would be much appreciated!!

Oh, just to mention that I have always been breast aware, as my mum has brca1 (I have had genetic testing and am negative) and she has had breast cancer twice.

Sorry this is soooo long, just wanted to get it all down and out of my head - not mentioned anything to my Husband or anyone else. Thanks for listening everyone xxx x

oh hi,

what you must be going through worrying about this by yourself. Wondering if you should have gone to the doctors earlier, wondering what the results are going to be etc.

Well as you say you have found courage and taken the first step, and i bet between now and next tuesday there will be so much going round and round in your head about what the outcome is going to be.

I am sure that even if the doctor is not sure what is happening you will get a referal to a breast clinic. If it were me and the doctor said, oh its alright lets leave it for a bit, I would jump up and down and say that you want a second opinion.

I am sure you have read that the waiting is the worse bit, and all i can do is send you a big hug.

do post on here everytime you are a bit worried or have a question, its the only way to get sane, and all the very best for next tuesday

This is the place to share your worries. Well done for making that appointment! We all know how you are feeling at the moment. Keep posting and let us know what happens.

Hi Yorksgirl
You done the right thing by posting, getting all your worries written down helps so much. there is always alot of support here everyone is so kind caring & supportive the helpline is great too never hesitate to call them.

I cant imagine how hard this has all been keeping this all to yourself. I agree with OAL if your doctor says they feel its nothing say you’d like a referal, not saying that he/she is wrong, but atleast you will then have that second opinion from the specialists. Its always best to be 100% sure. I think he would refer you all lumps need investigating, but remember 9 out of 10 lumps are benign yours could very well be.

wishing you all the best do keep us posted

Mekala x

Hi guys,

Thanks very much for your comments, they’re much appreciated.

I’ve held off going to the docs, cos I think you get to a certain point where you begin to wonder if it’s all in your head! and that you’re focussing too much on that one breast that doesn’t seem right. But now that it has gotten a lot more sore cos of the cracked nipple, it just isn’t funny anymore, nor did I feel that I could just leave it. Still got a doubt as to whether I’m making a fuss over nothing tho, and I suppose going to see my GP will be making it real in a way.

I know it seems a bit silly to be making a fuss over a cracked nipple considering what you guys are/have gone through, but I think it’s the pain of this ontop of the other symptoms that’s making me sit up and take notice properly, if that makes sense?

Thanks again for listening to me, really appreciate it,

Jill xxxx

Hi Jill,
it’s all been said already so just wishing you lots of luck and sending love and hugs

jill, do not be afraid of expressing small worries to those on here that are battling through every treatment and side effect that nature seems to be sending them.

I have found everyone to be realy supportive and understanding. even if i was worrying about something as daft as what bra to wear in bed I would get a freindly suggestion from people at all stages of treatment.

Keep on posting, keep on being being kind to yourself, keep on dealing with this in whatever way is right for you.Keep on in there girl till Tuesday

Bubbletrouble & OAL - thank you both so much for your wonderful support, feelings/emotions fluctuating a bit - one min I’m ok and tell myself its prob nothing, then the next put all symptoms together and scare myself silly!
My nipple has worsened - just been in shower and noticed that some of the skin on the top of my nipple has now come off too - its very sore!! Does anyone know what I could put over my nipple (sounds silly!)to stop it directly touching my bra and making it more painful? Not sure about a plaster?? Many thanks, Jill xxxx

i dont know anything about symptoms and nipples etc. all i think is that anything to do with cancer is quite slow and so if you have fast changing stuff happening then its probably not cancer. i atually prefer the suport from the forum to the help lines, but it does seem that you would benefit from giving them a call. They are all nurses apparatnly and qualified to give advice. the number is at the top of the web page.

Many thanks for that OAL - think it’s maybe dermatitis related. Think I’ll leave the docs for now and just continue to monitor. Thanks again for advice xx

no still go to the docs!!! make an appointment today, didnt you say you have a lump?? that needs investigating. the rash and nipple might very well be dermatitus and nothing at all to do with BC. But all lumps need investigating instantly.

ring your gp up and tell the receptionist you have found a lump and ask for an appointment asap.

90% of lumps turn out to be benign, but the 10% that are not benefit from early diagnosis.

I would not worry that you have a rash and scaley nipples, as a lay person with no medical knowledge that seems to me to be happening to quickly for it to be connected, but the lump could be something–and hopefully an innocent something seperate.

Please bear in mind that about 90% of us started off here with a niggling lump/bump or problem.
It’s not worth waiting, you aren’t wasting anyone’s time.