Awaiting MRI results

Had another MRI on the liver last Friday, a year to the day since the last when I finally got a diagnosis (benign) of the things in my liver.
I’ve got pain now, just under the ribs, and I’m scared stiff this time. The Onc examined me and said the liver wasn’t bigger, but can you have nasties without it getting bigger or sounding different on examination? She thought it could be costeo-condritis?
However what has me really worried is that it is sore when I’m sitting upright at a computer or at the table and easier if I slump or lean to the other side. Some of the girls with liver secondaries mentioned this type of pain.
I know it’s not long to wait until Thursday (appointment is at high noon!), but I’m really panicking now. I’m counting hiccoughs and wondering whether I really have the odd bout of nausea or if it’s nerve driven.
OH is very understanding, but most of my friends don’t get in and I think they are thinking I’ve got hypochondria - maybe I have!

Hi Alloway

So sorry to hear that you’re having some pain, but it’s very good that you’ve had an MRI, and will be getting some information this week – it’s so scary to get new pain, and everyone on these forums will understand how you’re feeling right now! But pain near your ribs doesn’t necessarily mean liver progression – as your onc said, it might be “costo”, which is a very painful condition of the cartilage (sp?) on your ribs, but not life-threatening, and it does go away after a while. I’ve had it, and it’s no picnic! Are you taking some pain-killers?

I do hope you get a good report on Thursday!

Marilyn x