Awaiting multiple results

Two weeks ago I had what I thought was a dental abscess and I lost the feeling in my lower lip and face.

after many investigations they realised it was not dental related and asked about lumps and bumps.

having randomly having a lump appear and grow to a very large size in 2 weeks I told them about my left breast. I was in for an emergency scan the following day where they confirmed a large mass that was not an abscess and have taken many samples. They also confirmed my lymph nodes were swollen and took a fine needle aspiration of the area. They have also booked in an emergency MRI for tomorrow. They have said it is not an abscess but a mass and will know more when they get the biopsies.

I am petrified as what I have been diagnosed with in my face is numb lip and chin syndrome and when googling all that keeps appearing is metastatic breast cancer. I can’t sleep or eat and I just don’t know how I am going to cope with the news if it is true. My baby girl is also disabled and I provide her care, she needs me to be fit.

I am having night sweats, have lost 1 stone in 10 days and I am in pain. I don’t have an infection though.

I keep telling myself cancer could not have taken over this quick and said it to the doctor who then told me there are inflammatory types. I really am falling apart. I am so scared.

Sounds like a very scary time for you    . Could your weight loss be due to having so much discomfort in your face and also worry ? It’s easy to jump to the wrong conclusions after consulting “Dr Google “ as Dr Google does not have all your information and test results and therefore cannot give you a correct diagnosis .

I hope you get answers soon , there is lots of support here if you do get a breast  cancer diagnosis . Best wishes Jill x

Dear Katie

Have you had any results from biopsies yet? It must be a very worrying time especially as you are caring for your disabled daughter. Do you have family support? You need friends and family to rally round. I hope you can get some counselling, I got some help from a hospice recently in my area. I haven’t got a diagnosis either but your symptoms were very unusual. I am thinking of you. With all sympathy, Seagulls