Awaiting results after Op.

Anyone else awaiting results after their op. The waiting is so hard and the nearer it gets (Wednesday) the more nervous I am and I am convincing myself it has spread everywhere.if it has spread can they do anything ? That’s what I am worried about x

I’m also waiting results. Where I live they do ct, MRI and bone scan (all of which I’ve had this week) and now have about a 10 day wait for results. Then they will sort out op/chemo etc. I’m finding it hard to carry on as normal, even though my lump is only 8mm they found few cells in lymph on biopsy so I’m scared it’s spread. Everyone says this is the worst part. Guess we all just need to get through it as best we can x

Hi Tra16. I would rather have all the tests then results. I haven’t had any bone scans mri yet as they say if in more than 4 nodes they then do them. It’s the waiting and the goal posts seem to be changing all the time due to results given at different times. I know how you feel and hope your 10 day wait goes quickly for you x

Hi Anx56x thanks for replying … When at the beginning of this journey you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel … I keep thinking maybe I’m the one that won’t make it and it is freaking me out … I am trying to be strong and positive but have these very scary moments x

Thanks Anx56x. I’m still amazed that I feel well but have BC. But emotionally drained so feel tired. I have a 3 and 5 yr old so putting on a front for them, but finding it hard. Glad to hear you are near ending your treatment and thanks for your supportive words x

hi all - the worst bit is always the wating… all areas of the country work differently too and have different time frames. I had biopsies, ultrasound, they found two lumps and bit in lymph nodes.  Next step was CT scan and bone scan then the waiting for results.  Came back all clear thank god so next step full mastectome with implant with ADM mesh and block clearance of lymph nodes- had that tues 10th march, so 4 days post op now.  Was ok scary, not really too painful, just uncomfortable, painkillers and the odd glass of wine are helping.  NOw waiting for results of biopies on what they removed.  Well I know its cancer but dont know how many lymph nodes involved.  Doesnt really matter does it, they are all out now - next step more recovery, then chemo and prob hormone therapy.  I am not too worried about these results now because nothing will change the treatment plan now.  Would be better if all areas did the same things in the same order, because it is confusing for people why everyone is treated in a different order.  Hang on in there everyone, once you know what exactly is happening you will feel much much better.  Val xxx

My appt for results just landed on the doorstep and it’s this coming wed . I suppose I should be glad it’s all moving along quickly but it’s the appt you want but kind of don’t want to go to. Made me a bit wobbly- defo getting the wine open tonight!