Awaiting results - but......

new to this bc thing. Had biopsies Tuesday  following flinging a lump last week. Core biopsies taken under ultrasound including lymph node due to it being enlarged. Consultant very nice but said all points toward cancer so it sounds like they know already and my appointment next week is purely to discuss treatment which is what she more or less said. I had a hysterectomy 11 years ago due to endometriosis and even though mum had breast cancer and died 8 years ago of secondary cancer I tried many menopause alternatives and finally gave in so have been on evorel HRT patch for around 9 years - fully aware of the consequences… have I caused this is my biggest question? I know I will never know the answer to this but the thinking doesn’t go away.


When to tell family and friends is my next question? My hubby was with me and is supportive in fighting what we are calling an 'inconvenience ’ in my life. 


I am am due to go on holiday with girlfriend next week just after I get the results and not sure whether to tell her before I go ? Consultant advised to still go as I won’t be called in for a couple of weeks but will this ruin the holiday?


am thinking of telling my 2 sons who both live locally today as it just ‘feels’ right to let them know what is going on. They are 33 and 30 and am sure they will ask questions that I don’t have answers to yet but I don’t want to hide it and if I wait till next week I find out Thursday and go on holiday Saturday which doesn’t give them long to ask questions before I go. 


Sorry post is is so long. Any thought from those who have been there and done it would be great.



Hi Smiffy sorry you’ve found your way on here and Im still new but have to say the benefit of this forum is to chat when you haven’t told many around you. Im still at the testing stage too so can’t offer advice further than that but I can say that I’ve only told my hubby and close friend for now (who came with me to results appointment as hubby was at work) I also had 2 core biopsies on two lumps in my left breast and needle on lymph node as it was enlarged. I went for results on 24th March to be told that the specialist team disagreed on my results! The ultrasound looked sinister but the biopsies all came back clear. I went for a repeat biopsy yesterday and have to wait another week for the result. Id say tell the friend you are going on holiday with now so you have someone to discuss it with. Hopefully, you’ll get the all clear next week and can celebrate on holiday but I think either way it will be something you might want to talk about with her. I originally held off telling my children 18 and 6 although my 18 year old overhead me and hubby talking about it so had to come clean but played up the original clear biopsy. I haven’t told anyone else in the family as I just don’t want them worrying like Ive been when I could get the all clear. With your children being older, they could be a support system but you’re still their mum so would no doubt be worried about you too. Its s very personal thing and its surprised me how anxious Ive been when Im normally a very laid back personal but you never know how you’ll react I suppose unless you’re in the situation. Please feel free to come and chat on here anytime if you just need to voice your concerns . Kay xx