Awaiting results of tumour removed abroad which doc thinks is cancer - advice welcomed

Hello, I’m new to chat rooms but would really appreciate advice. I’m 43yrs, UK resident, in Philippines a few months. I got bleeding from nipple about 1 week ago. Had mammo & ultrasound in private med centre few days ago. They found lesion so doctor operated that day under local (he suggested general but the cost was double £1250 and I heard not good to have too many general anaeasthetics). He suspected Duct Papilloma then pulled out a very deep tumour measuring 2cm approx. I asked him if he thinks it’s cancer - he said yes and cut open the tumour in front of me and my husband. He said in his experience it is and probably stage 1 or 2 - and looks ‘not nice’ as it’s gritty etc. I’m feeling surprisingly calm, I used to suffer anxiety problems but in a good place mentally, do yoga etc. so I think this wil help me cope. I get my biopsy result next Mon or Tue and if positive will fly back London next week. Has anyone had a similar experience of being told the tumour is cancer and it’s not? Or being in a foreign country - it’s hard to know how trustworthy the healthcare is here. My surgeon is a cancer specialist and seems very nice but it’s known to be a corrupt country here which worries me slighty. So any words of wisdom are very warmly welcomed! I’m expecting to get a cancer diagnosis so not getting false hope :slight_smile:

hi HappyH,
Welcome to the forum, there is loads of support here.
What normally happens is the cancer diagnosis is confirmed or not following lab examination after excision & I see this is what you’re waiting for.
From reading the experiences on here, it is possible for a diagnosis to change either way post biopsy, but I think you’re being very positive in being realistic about the situation.
If it is confirmed then obviously it will be dealt with on returning here & its best to take it a step at a time. Do use this site for information & support as you need ti.
ann x

hi Happy H,
Sorry to hear you’re joining us, but it sounds like you are dealing with this very positively. Thank goodness you got the diagnosis when you did & it can now be dealt with.
There is plenty of support here with others going through treatments at similar stages to yourself & beyond, so do look at the other threads if you want to.
Also sorry to hear anout the bike accident - ouch!!!
do take care
ann x