Awaiting results

Awaiting results

Awaiting results I have started this topic on behalf of new user Shelly38

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Hi there, this is my first message and hope that someone can offer me some help. I have recently been diagnosed with DCIS high grade. I had a WLE to remove 2.1cm DCIS and surrounding tissue. I am trying to remain positive but was wondering if anybody has been initially diagnosed with DCIS, had it removed with surrounding tissue but then been told that the margins were not clear? I am going back for my results on Wednesday and am trying to be positive but can’t help thinking ‘what if’.

Here’s hoping that someone can let me know of their experiences.

Michelle x

Hi Michelle I havnt had a wle but 2 biopsies and now a sentinel node biosy…i too get my results wed!! I am due to have a mastectomy sometime hopefully in the next 2 weeks. Sorry i cant help you with your question but will be thinking of you 2moro…let me know how it goes…the waiting is just horrible and im as worried as you…fingers crossed for us both.
Love Anna xx

anna Hi anna
thanks for your good wishes. However, i got a phone call tonight at 6pm from the hospital to say that the results were not back from pathology due to the easter weekend and therefore i now have to wait another week - i’m so disappointed. Unfortunately, i will not be able to share our good news tomorrow but please let me know how you get on and will keep my fingers crossed.

Will be thinking of you, take care
love Michelle x

Unclear margins. Hi Michelle,
I was diagnosed with invasive DCIS, lump 15mm, last March and had a SNB and WLE.
Got my results a week later (will be a year ago on 12th April) and I had unclear margins. Was given the option of having a mast or another WLE as I’m big busted, so I chose the latter option.
However when I got the results of this 2nd op the margins were still unclear so the only option for me to get rid of the cancer for good was to have the mast. Also opted for the immediate recon, see my profile.
Best of luck with your results.


From one Shell to another!! Hi Michelle
thanks for the reply. These forums are certainly very informative and very addictive!! As my previous post said, i am still waiting for results of the WLE and obviously hoping that it is DCIS and not become invasive. It certainly a worrying time, especially now I have a further week to wait. Dunno how I will manage to stay positive.

Anyway, i checked out your profile and you are also a boro lass! Small world eh. Have got to say that considering you pic was took a few days after your op - you look very well!! Who is your consultant? Mr C or Miss D?

How are things with you now you are a year on? Do you work at all? Sorry, i’m asking too many questions now!! Take care and hope to speak soon.

Michelle x

Some good news at last!! Hi
Have just found out that my SNB results were clear!!! They have also done a repeat mammogram and us on my left side which was also clear…My god what a relief…still have no date for mastectomy and DIEP recon yet but should be in the next 2 weeks. I feel that a massive weight has been lifted…I know they still have to look carefully at the breast they remove but am so relieved its not spread to my lymphatic system…
Am still crossing everything for you Michelle…I cant believe they are making you wait so long…12 days was bad enough for me!!
Thinking of you at this awful in limbo time.
Love Anna xx

Annafiz Hi Anna

I have also posted on this on a different forum but wanted to make sure you got it …

I’m glad you have received some good news today. Now you can relax a little bit and focus on your mastectomy. I hope you get your admission letter soon.

Keep smiling and take care
Michelle x

Hi Michelle. Hi Michelle,
There I was telling you to check out my profile and I never thought about reading yours.
I’m under Miss Durning, she did my 1st two operations. For my mast and recon Mr Allison, the plastic surgeon from ward 35 did my op.
A year on and I’m feeling very well, just have herceptin every three weeks and I’m taking tamoxifen.
If you go to the bcpals web site I’m on there and you can e mail me if you want to. I’m in touch with a few other ladies in this area through these sites.
Hope to hear from you.