Awaiting to find out if I am having chemotherapy

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in April and had a mastectomy and my lymph nodes removed on 20 May. I am feeling great and back to work part time. I have been put forward for a trail and am currently awaiting to hear if I have been successful. If not I will have to have 6 lots of chemotherapy and radiation 15 sessions and other injections etc…

I have dealt with my breast removal well but I think now it’s is hitting me that i may well have to have chemotherapy. I just don’t know what to expect? In can’t plan anything and feel my life is on hold.



Hi Zoe ??do you have a date when you will know if you are on the trial or Chemo route? It’s hard to feel so out of control on this journey but once you know what treatment plan will be you’ll be able to focus and get planning :heart: Also the forums will support you every step and the bcc nurses and the someone like me option alongside your teams at your unit :heart:Have you ordered your knitted knockers? They are free and lightweight ? and do plan a treat for when treatments are done when you know what’s happening, it does give you something to focus on and look forward to :heart:Hope this helps a bit, let us know how appointment goes ??:sparkles::sparkles:Shi xx

Hi Kenny, there is someone else asking the exact same question on another thread, having just had her op. You might be good travelling companions on this journey. I think you too might benefit from downloading the excellent information booklets that Cancer Research produce that I certainly found invaluable during my treatment. I used them to gain knowledge of my cancer, and so enable me to ask questions of my consultants. Everyone is so unique that treatments can only be talked of in general terms. Side effects may, or may not, happen. General good health, including diet and exercise will be helpful on this journey. The fitter you are the better, to withstand what may lay ahead. Don’t put your life on hold. Live everyday to the full, both to fill your days, and also so you have lots of good memories to sustain you on your journey.  Good luck .x