Awaiting vacuum assissted biopsy result

Hello Everybody,

I hope it is ok to post here. I notice there is a family and relative forum but there aren’t many post or replies there and after browsing through these forums the last week or so I can see there is a wealth of knowledge and support from all your ladies on this unwanted journey!

My mothers had a vacuum assisted biopsy Monday and we are hoping that the results are available at tomorrows appointment. Can anyone tell me what information the result with give ?

The history is , 3 gps visits (between Jul 15-Nov15) for a dull ache , dragging sensation with itching in left breast. GP diagnosed muscular pain and infection prescribing ibuprofen , and antibiotics. On third visit GP sent ‘urgent referral’ for breast ultrasound.

Waited 2 weeks , heard nothing, contacted hospital to chase appointment and told to expect a 6-8 week as department very busy at the moment. Made enquiry about going privately and decided to take that option and seen on the following Friday (last week).

Mammogram on Friday showed suspicious area in left breast, with the ultrasound showing a dodgy patter of calcifications. No lumps felt. Offered a private biopsy there and then or option to return Monday and have nhs biopsy.

Opted to return Monday for vacuum assisted biopsy. On Monday consultant had reviewed previous mammogram from 2 years ago and now not concerned with mammogram as imaged show no recent change. Preformed biopsy and told 50/50 chance of result of benign or pre-cancerous / cancerous calcifications.

I was wondering IF calcifications are cancerous will they be able to tell us tomorrow what type of cancer it is?

I have been in the appointments with my mother and would like to ask many questions however my mother (sensibly I suppose!) does not like to know the outcomes of speculative scenarios (unlike me!). My mother is coping very well , no doubt she’s putting on a braver face when I’m around but I think she is coping well with it at the moment. I in the other hand am going insane with worry.

Hi Ash119, 

I am sorry to hear that you and your mother are going through this difficult time. I am sure some of our users will provide you with some support soon.

In the meantime please do call our support line at 0808 800 6000 who will hopefully be able to answer some of your questions and provide a friendly ear.

Best wishes, 


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