Awful Question

Awful Question

Awful Question Dear All,

I am so sorry to ask this question but can anyone recommend a good book on grief and how to cope with loss of a loved one? My mother is at the very final stages now and I really dont know how to cope with this.


So sorry to hear your mum is so ill.

I think one of the most moving books on loss and grief is by C.S. Lewis, called A Grief Observed. He writes about the death of his wife. He was a devout Christian (which I’m not) but I think his book has universal appeal to anyone facing the death of a loved one.

I also think the classic book by Elisabeth Kubler Ross called On Death and Dying is helpful too.

Are you in touch with a hospice or Macmillan or Marie Curie nurse…they may be able to suggest useful books too.

very best wishes


Heartfelt thoughts, wishes and hugs reach out to you. Please read ‘Your Mum is always with You’ page 5 in Family, partners and Friends. Tears may flow but hopefully a smile will also appear.

Books Hi

I am so sorry to hear about your mum. I lost mine in August and found two books that were of help. One is called motherless daughters, I got it from Amazon I am not sure who its by, there is a lot of info that doesnt apply to us such as people who have absent mothers, but it has good advice, There is also another one by Elisabeth Kuber Ross which was good called on grief and grieving, i think it is a follow up to the other one death and dying.

Hope this helps.

Love Joanne x x