axillary clearance. still can't lift my arm

Hi all.
I had my mastectomy and full axillary clearance just over 2 weeks ago and my boob is healing fine but my arm seems to be getting sorer. Most of the numbness has worn off now so I feel the bruising a lot but worse than that is the pull from my muscles. I still can’t lift my elbow up to shoulder level. Is this normal? I’m back to see my consultant on friday to have my dressing removed so will chat with her but I thought I’d ask here to see if anyone else can relate.

Also, how can I keep the smell of sweat away. I wash my armpit constantly but because I can’t use deodorant I really smell. It’s awful and I’m so conscious of it. It doesn’t help that dressing are there still but if anybody has any fragrant ideas it would ne much appreciated x


Hi, I had a mastectomy and ANC nearly 4 weeks ago, I did religiously do the BCC exercises given, 3x a day, and looking at the DVD helped to make sure I was doing them correctly, and now I nearly have full range, the only one I struggle with still is out to the side and up. I do have a little bit of cording but it is getting better every day. If I remember my movement at 2 weeks was still restricted, but it definitely gets better with time and exercise.
With regards the smell, I have managed by washing and then cleaning with antiseptic wipes (paraben free)- it is the bacteria that causes the smell and now also using PITROCK stick deodorant which you can get from Boots or Waitrose. I have not been smelly since using it! It feels like you are putting nothing on as it is a dry crystal stick, but you just wet it with your finger and then rub everywhere under your arm, then make sure you are dry before getting dressed (I use a cool hair dryer).
What I want to know is if anyone has advise on a good electric shaver for underarms…I have one but it still catches on the skin and as I am completely numb under there I don’t want to cut myself! Is there any depilatory cream that is safe to use?
A x

Hi Kander

Here’s the links to the DVD and exercise publication Jonamo has mentioned:

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Lucy BCC

Hi All
It’s over 5 years since my surgery but the ANC was the worst! I found the exercises…walking up the wall with your fingers…to be the best…but don’t expect the numbness to go straightaway…it takes quite a while. I know I was beginning to wonder if it would ever go…but it does. Gentle exercises…don’t push it…and you’ll soon be back to how you were before. & ENJOYING LIFE AGAIN!