BabyBoo is going home!


I am going home today…and I can’t wait too see my two adorable litttle Boos. I don’t plan coming back either… But, I haven’t a bad word to say about the nurses here. They have been great! We have lots of homemadecake, a tipple or two of something good, two sessions in the spa…what can I say…it has been hard to be away from the family but everyone here has made my stay bearable. Pity they won’t get to read this.

I hope you are all well and are ready for another wonderful week!

Keep smiling xxx

Welcome home

Marilyn x

Nice that you’re well enough to go home and that it wasn’t too unpleasant for you!!

I take it swedish hospitals are bit better than ours then…!!!

Jules x

Great news BabyBoo!! I bet the little boos are overjoyed…Enjoy.
All the best to you

Wow…good for you BabyBoo… so glad you are getting to go home!

Wonderful news babyboo - bet you can’t wait to actually get through the front door and see your little boos!!! Take good care of yourself now and rest if you can - not easy as I know, with little ones.

All the best and lets hope you don’t go back there.


glad to hear you are able to go home. don’t forget to take it easy

Really pleased to hear you’re going home. Take care of yourself or even better let family take care of you.

God bless.


wonderful, tremendous news Boo - take it easy now, and no going back there!

Well done Babyboo

So nice you are going home, hope you continue to feel better

Cecelia. x

Hi Babyboo

Excellent news, You take good care now.

Kim x


I am so happy to read your finally going home to your family.

have a wonderful time with the kiddiewinkles

Loads of love

Glad your on your way home and I bet you cant wait to hug the little boos!


thats great news babyboo!!! Hurrah!!! It defo sounds like hospitals in Sweden are much more luxurious than here in the UK! Spas eh??? Homemade cake and a tipple or two!!! Sounds good to me!

Take care and be sure to look after yourself. Enjoy being reuinited with your little boo’s!


Are you sure it was a hospital? Did you accidentally get sent to a Health Spa? Sounds rather fab.
Anyway so glad you are OK.
As you will see everyone was bit worried about you!!!
Take care.

Great news. Take it easy now.

Margaret x

Hi Babyboo

great news, take care.
Diane x

hi boo,
great news!! sure to rest up though.

karen x

HI Boo,
Fantastic news, take care of yourself and rest up.

Lindiloo x

Great news,
Rest when you get home.

Take care.

Gaynor x