Back after first chemo

Hi everyone,
Im back, im so glad the first chemo is over got back about 4.30 pm and so far so good, Was like you kelly sh—ing myself all morning gave myself a headache which i still have, legs were like jelly and was all hot and bothered by the time i had it.but glad to say it was ok.was a bit surprised at the number of seringes (spelt that wrong i know ) they give you but i suppose thats the norm eh. they have given me steriods to take 3 times a day for 3 days and 2 sickness meds one says must have and the other says if required,any advice what you ladies found best to do should i take both instead of waiting to see if i feel sick and is it best to start tonight.i had the anti sickness in the drip before chemo at 3 pm so not sure how long that will last. I know what you mean about weeing red,i was weeing blue after the surgery so its all very strange, Im drinking as much as possible like you all said which is meaning lots of trips to the loo ha.Thank you all for your kind words of support yesterday it was so helpfull and makes it much easier to get through all this.
My best wishes to you all
Hope you are all doing ok
Lots of love
Lindiloo xx

:slight_smile: good for you!!! one less lurking in the future - plus the scary wait is over.

Try to take it extra easy the next few days. Also, read all the meds notices: at least you’ll know what are the side effects of each.
I was also given the same regimen: steroids in the drip pre-chemo, then 3 days of pills, and 2 different ones - one to take regularly, one to take “at will”. I figured out that the “regular” one was giving me the runs, made me sick like a dog. I never had any nausea, but I stopped taking the regular, and only took the at will stuff if I felt queesy (so far, only once)

Sleep as much as you can - rest with your feet up in front of TV, go to bed early, rise late, or plan naps. Your body NEEDS the sleep as during sleep your cells will regenerate. For me, only food that is appealing with the meds taste in the mouth is broth - cheap Maggi instant soups are perfect. Also, I am always cold… you may need extra blankies.

but… 5 days after… I am perfectly OK! :)) so there is something to look forward to.

Hi Lindiloo

Well done one out of the way.
I have the same post treatment cocktail of drugs, and take them as prescribed for the three days post chemo. I had No 2 last week and also purchased some travel wrist bands which helped with the nausea feelings I experienced this time.
As Lilith says listen to your body and take it easy.

I am also feeling good 5 days afterwards.

Good luck
Thinking of you

Kim x

I am pleased you seem to be doing fine, hang in there all of you. Stay strong.

Thinking of you.

Claire x

Nice one Lindiloo!!!

Good girl, thats one down already!!! Welcome to the ‘red wee club’. My membership expired a while ago now though as I’m now on CMF.

I hope you are still feeling ok so far. Not sure what ‘additional’ anti-sickness meds you have been given but I was given ones called ‘Domperidone’. I could take up to 4 a day as required. I only have had to take 1 in a day and it was very rarely. I have kept a diary of how I’m feeling (physically) ever since I started chemo in May and have found it really useful. Thats how I know I never really needed any additional meds. Personally I have used ‘travel bands’ to help me through any nauseous times as I hate pill popping!

I wish you well and hope your side effects are alomst non-existent,

Take care and keep in touch,


didnt manage to get online yesterday as feeling yuck. Was very nausea all monday night but managed not to be sick but hardly slept at all with it .Took the perscribed must haves sickness pills (ondansetron) one tablet twice a day, steriods (dexamethasone) 3 times a day and have also got (metoclopramide) anti sickness .meds to take when required take up to 3 times a day for three days but i havent had any of these yet as wasnt sure if it was ok to take both sickness tablets at the same time . The neausa is a lot better today thank god.Slept most of yesterday though on and off ,had the GCSF injection yesterday and today have flu like symptoms sneezing,sores in my nose and ache all over .is the flu like syptoms a side affect of the Epi does anyone know ,my temp is fine (checked that) or mabe its cos of the injection i dunno . Apart from that am beginning to feel a bit better each day thank goodness. Havent managed to go to the loo yet though so trying prunes(yuck) my mum insists they will work Hmm. Well thats enough of my probs how are you all. hope you are doing ok .
Please let me know how your all getting along and thanks for all your help and support.
Lots of love

Hi Lindiloo,

Haven’t been on for a while as gone back to work for a bit. Sorry you felt yucky Monday night, i did to - horrible Epi drug!! You should call the trails nurse about taking drugs together but i had the same steroids and Ondansitron, but had diff anti-sickness but was told to take them all together. that’s why they prescribed therm. I lived on them for 4 days then was ok to come off them. The nausea stayed around for 5/6 days with me but not so bad. Travel bands were great and lucozade to keep my energy levels up. I am sleeping loads 9pm till 8.30 every night but them managing to function in the day!!

hope you feel better but listen top your body. Also i got into a vicious circle of not eating as feeling sick then feeling sick cos not eating!!! so suggest plain food little and often.

good luck i have a little break until next Epi on 24th.

al xxxx

Hi lindiloo,

sorry to hear you have been feeling quite yukky, thats poo! I have the same anti-sickness meds as you apart from your additionals as Metoclopromide and me don’t get on! I have 'Domperidone instead and I know I can take these at the same time as the others if needs be so I would imagine it would be the same for any others. Alex - I’m glad you’re finding the travel bands and lucozade useful, I couldn’t have got through the past few months without them!!! Supping on a lucozade as I type this actually!

The flu-like syptoms you describe are almost certainly down to the Neulasta. When I was on this I was warned that I may start to feel fluey about 24 hours after the inj, and if I did I was told to take Nurofen. I only suffered with achey leg bones though, but I still took Nurofen for these and it defo helped.

When I was on Epi I was told I would defo suffer with constiaption but thankfully I never did (I’m not bragging by the way! LOL!!). I think this is down to the fact that I started each day with a really high fibre cereal like all-bran and made my own fruit smoothies too, with loads of fruit. This definately helped my bowels keep moving!! That and the fact that I seem to drink my whole body weight in water each day! Mind you, thats all changed since I’ve switched to CMF, where diarrhoea becomes the problem!!! No fruit for me for a few days!!!

Take care and I wish you well as you continue to bounce back from your first epi. In a few days you’ll be feeling great I’m sure!