Back again - 3rd time with BC and tumour no 5 now

Was hoping not to come back on here but here I am again - yet another tumour, tiny one this time jus a couple of mil. Waiting results of restaging CT scan and Bone scan to see if its spread or is still local. Not sure I could face chemo again, might be a bit like taking a reluctant dog to the vets. 4 years tomorrow I got my initial diagnosis at age 38. Bored of this now and would like my life back please!

So sorry to hear that, Ruby. I know how bad it was for me to have cancer in my life again after 21 years. Can’t begin to imagine how dreadful it must be for you. I wish there was something I could say to make you feel better. Just wanted to let you know I will be thinking of you and keeping my fingers crossed that your scan shows no spread.



Hi Ruby,

Sorry to hear your latest diagnosis. The helpline staff are here if you need a good listening ear, 0808 800 6000.

Take care,

Jo, Facilitator

Hi ruby, Three times and five tumours all in the space of four years is a lot to cope with. Have you needed chemo each time and have they been recurrences or new tumours each time? Sorry so many questions - on the old forum I would have done a search but on this one I have given up LOL. I have had 4/5 recurrences/new but at least I got a break of 5 years before the second one. I have been living with bc now since 1990. I do hope the scans are all clear for you and the dog doesn’t get dragged to the vet!


Sorry you’re back here again!
Recently I’ve had surgery x2 for recurrence and waiting for radiotherapy now.
Had 5 tumours in 7 years & 1 pos sentinel node, chemo x2 but a bit older diagnosed at 53 & it is rubbish!! So my heart goes out to you & wishes you best results poss.
Don’t post/read too often as now find site a challenge! But lots of good support & knowledge available.
Love n hugs to you Ruby

Thank you all for your replies/comments :slight_smile: it means a lot to know someone is there reading and listening in a way much as they try family and friends can just never understand.
I was diagnosed first on New Years Eve 2008 had 2 lumpectomies, rads, tamox, zoladex, arimidex and femara - recurrence april 09, mastectomy with free tram flap recon 2 tumours removed and additional one found a few days later in skin. Had 6 Fec-T then oopherectomy and full axilla clearance. Another local recurrence a few weeks back in the skin again. They told me it was an epidermal cyst (again) they were sadly wrong (again)
I am still waiting for word from the oncologist - normally when I have had tests they ring me if they are ok as they know I get myself in a state planning my own funeral etc! this time they haven’t so my slightly skewed thinking suspects this is probably not a good thing. It might sound ridiculous but I just want to know how bad it is, then I can plan my battle strategy and deal with it. The waiting is the worst I think. Think I might ring the breast care nurses at the hospital and see if I can persuade them to give me my results over the phone. Ruby.x

Hi ruby
You’ve had/are having a rough time & I agree the waiting is the worst, it’s so hard. Like you say once you have ‘a battle plan’ you just have to deal with it!
I phoned radiotherapy today as saw my oncologist 19<sup>th</sup> Dec & signed forms for radiotherapy but still hadn’t heard anything! As I do child care for my (NHS) physio daughter, the not knowing impacts further than just me!! And I do believe we are allowed to have lives even while BC seems in control at times!!
I also phoned BC nurse but no reply to message…hope you had better luck…everything crossed for you …
Kath x

Am with you on that Ruby and Kath, it is getting tedious. I have had 4 Dx and 8 tumours in five years, chemo x 2 rads x 2 going for my fith op tomorrow as the they did not get clear margins last week.

Lets hope we get some good news soon xxx

Am with you on that Ruby and Kath, it is getting tedious. I have had 4 Dx and 8 tumours in five years, chemo x 2 rads x 2 going for my fith op tomorrow as the they did not get clear margins last week.

Lets hope we get some good news soon xxx

blimey Lindysloo and Kath12 you really have had a rough time? My nagging paid off partially and after my BC nurse had lied to me about not being allowed to give results on the phone (they have before) which got me in even more of a panic my oncologist very kindly emailed me on Friday night, my bone scan is normal but no news on the CT as yet. Have decided to throw caution to the wind and have booked a cruise going next saturday - my theory is even if the CT is not clear it will as it often does take a week or two to sort appts etc (my next onc appt is not till the 18th anyway - so a few more days is not going to make a difference!) You have to keep on living dont you?
I have been lucky (if you can call having BC lucky) in that my latest tumour was tiny and had clear margins, if there is no spread (keeping fingers crossed) then its back on the AI meds that I hate so much for me, still far more preferable than going through more chemo as you ladies will know.

Hi Ruby

i think i recognise your name from 2009… what a bummer for you.

i have had 4 tumours in 3 diagnoses between 2006 and 2011… iv had chemo x2 and rads x3.

fingers crossed that you dont need any more chemo and that this is the last you see of it.


bless all you ladies you are very brave
i was diagnosed 3yrs ago had 1 tumour 1 in my lymph…had ct scan november found a tumour in my lung but oncology wont do anything to it yet they want to leave me till march to see if it grows…feel like im a ticking time bomb again
be strong all you wonderfull ladies xxxx