Back Again ...full of life

Don’t know if any one remembers me…haven’t been around for aprox 4mths.

When I lasted posted was in total mess not only due to shock of diag but lossing beloved cat Jaffa etc etc!

Well have now turned head round completely. Instead of watching every second drag slowly by there are now just not enough hours in the day!! Maybe due to still living in chaos-would love to learn how to be organised and not have a butterfly life where I flit from one to another.But guess somethings we have to give ourselves time to achieve.

Biggest change is I’ve realised before you can achieve anything you need to care for you first and loved ones 2nd.I have struggled with this all my life and always thought of me not even 2nd or 3rd but way down the list. Used to expect my body to give its best on no fuel or care.

I can’t say I love all of me …yet! But I can now put me first and spend time on myself.

I have always not been happy with my oncologists attitude and especially how he treated me due to passed mh problems.Well last appointment I told him I had decided I needed to listen to my inner voice -it has got me thro the past 40 yrs and thro a very tough 18 yrs- and to do that I need to follow a more holistic and natural veiw/treatment/diet.Lets say he was not impressed and will not back me ie prescribe the items the nhs now allows him to in the flower and homeopathic remedies.
I came home and instead of usual view of what’s the point and curling up in bed and wishingmy life to end!!! Got home got pen and paper and made a list of all the skills I had. and how they could make me the money for the treatment.

I have now tentaively started selling cakes and cards. I was trained in sugarcraft and recently stopped the cross-stich (the drugs over the years has effected my eyes.catarac so just can’t see holes anymore.) and started making cards. I love it and have always loved creative mess making!!! And if it now can make me money …wow can’t be bad.

But unfortunately family are not that supportive. Think they struggle to see how I can go from not wanting to carry on with life and doing nothing for myself to being able to earn money from things I’d got into my head I could not do due to the cancer. I am hoping as the orders flood in(please…please a few more would be good) they will see it is ok.

I was wondering if anyone had any advice
(a)on alternative therapies-really looking at diet and homeopathic ie where to go and how to know it is not a con. I think that I will now this …gut wise …but any tips would help.Looking into to Penny Brohn but few probs due to mh past.
(b) on cheap ways to advertise my cakes/cards. Looked at trying to get a cancer charity to sell them at one of their shops for a small comission -waiting to hear.
Parish mag - but can’t seem to contact a church in my area that prints one. Shop windows-but can work out expensive.
I have also been offered a lump sum to do some work on my time in the secure psychiatric sysrem. I am finding out that the stigma tied to mh is far worse than any tied to cancer but if you have /have had both you are doomed.But the new me is determined not to be put off.If I can survive that system I can do this …!?!

It i amazing at those really dark times of am I wrong/is this not the right path/should I go back to the life of pills and not being me something always comes to say no hang on in there.

A very dear friend told be all the experience we go thro not only can we get thro -eventually and in away that is right for us-somegood comes out of them.

A new friend said to me last night when I was worring how I will ever prove I can do this: Follow your inner voice and the universe will provide but only if we don’t loose sight of the good in our actions and become greedy and selfish.

Real food for thought.

I really wish I was better at computers. I don’t have word but star office and haven’t a clue any help or good books to suggest.

Well best close before bore you all to tears.

Thanks for reading and hears to cakes and cards leading to a new, longer,fullfilled and perposeful life.

CakeLady :slight_smile:
ps if any of you do remember my previous posts-you mybe pleased to hear Trixi is now going out -moved to a garden- and loving life. But not sure she likes Mum having something other than her in her life!!! Thanks for all the tips when she was so weak and ill. I rang re Jaffa and was tolsd he had been re-homed. I was invited to ring regularly but decided best to close and leave the pain of loosing him behind. Also what would I o/feel if he was back in the sanctuary. No couldn’t do anything and it would break my heart. I try and tell myself that I had him in my life at the hardest point made him able to love and trust so the rest is up tp him and his new Mum and Dad.

Could the moderator move this post to Living with breast cancer or After treatment is finished, or the complementary therapies forum. I think one of those forums would be more appropriate…not sure there’s much spare cake selling capacity on the this forum.

best wishes


Well done cakelady. Of course you will be able to do it and you must definitely hang on in there. Your new friend sounds like they’ve definitely got the right idea.

Very best of luck with your projects.

Lucy x

Hi Cakelady,

It’s great to hear your news and that you are starting to find some purpose and motivation in life. Good luck with your future plans and thanks too for the update on puss.


Hi Cakelady,

Of course many of us remember you. Great to have an update on your news and all the best for future success.


Hi CakeLady,

It is good to hear you are doing so well and feeling so positive.

There is a site (which somebody reminded me of only today) on which you can buy and sell hand-made items. The URL is:

Have a look - there are some lovely things there and it may be just what you are after.


Hi Cakelady - yes I remember your posts - am soooo pleased you are feeling so much better and more positive. I’m with on the holistic/alternative treatments, but am also dubious about some of them - it seems to be a real minefield - so will be interested to read any suggestions anyone comes up with.

Anyway, best of luck, keep up the good work and all good wishes for a successful and profitable cake and card business!!

Love and hugs, Jean xx


Sorry not got back to you had a shock -friend found lump in arm and is going for biopsy. Dr worried as feels in the muscle. Could cancer grow in the arm muscle? Sorry if that i daft ? but never heard of it but guess it could be spread from other area.God when will they find a cure to stop so many going through this.

Thanks for all your encouragement. Got my first real step to getting a bit of publicity. A school near where live are supporting the relay for life Cancer research are doing. I heard about it and thought in for a penny in for a pound -explained all about what i was doing and why. The response was just wo…i had emails back saying I was inspirational -me!! Not sure but working on it. Then the organiser rang to offer me a free stall -all i have to do is provide table and i can give out as much publicity as i like and/or sell. So any tips about cheap (and I mean penies) publicity. I am get cards of a cheap printing website but itis the rest and how to have a table worth of bits in a week!!

Thanks Jane for the tip about the site that sells homecrafted bits.

No one heard of a site for cheap materials.I have sent emails to a lot of sites explaining why and asking if the will give intrest free credit donation discount …anything. No replies yet. The bit that has annoyed me the most is my old CMHT boss has not even bothered to reply to my request to bung up a card. I know she is ibn because if not her email sends an automated message.

My hypno woman said that they(pychiatrists and people in that world love their clients being dependent on them -once they become independent they can’t handle it- am being to feel there is truth in that???

Jane whattreatments are.have you had if you don’t mind me asking /tell me to buzz off if you want. Just interested.

Have had recomendation of a homeopath but is expensive £60 for initial consultation these could be up to four. I nearly fell on the floor!!!Then looked atbank acc and really did nearly collapse but have to keep my mates words The universe will provide if true and full of good.

Thanks Must crash as knackered and have camera up my bottom because of continuous bleeding and infections. Of course everyone convinced it is cancer spreading. I can’t take that on board at mo.


Hi Cakelady

These are addresses of UK homeopathic hospitals. Might be worth looking at if you are close to any of them. Might be cheaper too??

The Royal London Homoeopathic Hospital, Great Ormond Street, London WC1N 3HR
Glasgow Homoeopathic Hospital, 1053 Great Western Road, Glasgow G12 0XQ
The Academic Departments of Glasgow Homoeopathic Hospital
Bristol Homoeopathic Hospital, Cotham Hill, Cotham, Bristol, BS6 6JU,
Tunbridge Wells Homoeopathic Hospital, Church Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN1 1JU, tel
Department of Homoeopathic Medicine, The Old Swan Health Centre, St. Oswald’s Street, Liverpool L13 2BY


Cakelady wow!!

I have thought about you often after reading your last posts.

I cried after reading that they would take your beloved cat away because your cancer had returned.

You sound focused and driven which I think is fantastic.

Keep posting please. We all love to hear your news.


GP’s used to be able to refer to some hoeopathic hosps where you were seen for free - not sure if they still can tho’ with present financial climate!

My sister went to bristol cancer Help centre, and injects herself with mistletoe.