back again? very scared

Hello, I am very scared at the moment. BC in January 2005, lumpectomy, EC and radiotherapy. Recurrence in the same breast in june 2006, mastectomy, xeloda and carboplatin. 4 weeks ago I start feeling something a bit harder behind my clavicle, deep inside, inside the “whole” so to speak, doctor says she cannot feel anything. Blood test ok. After two weeks I go to speak with the geneticist, the same oncologist is there, I ask her if she could check again, she presses a lot (I had done it for 4 weeks) says it is a contracted muscle without any doubt. Two days later a big lump appears, and the neck is swollen. I go back after 5 days (last friday), she says she can feel a lymph node. Tomorrow I start with the biopsy, then bone scan and CT scan. I feel devastated, one week there is nothing, next week a lump of 2-3 cm appears, Now it is a bit less swollen, but I am still very scared. …and speachless!
Thanks a lot for reading

just wanted to send you a big hug, i will be thinking about you tommorow
love galen xx

thank you so much Galen! it was very useful to receive a cyber hug before going! I will know something next week, and I am not copying very well…


wow,what can i say? Iv been through the mill also;all i can say is be strong honey,will be sending positive vibes to you.have you had any results yet? i also had a bone scan on wed, get my results tomorrow. thinking of

Thanks for the positive vibes, I really need them!
The bone scan is clear, thanks God, but I have to repeat the biopsy because there was no sufficient material, well apparently they did not get into the lymph node…and I am still waiting for an appointment for the CT scan. at least the lump is smaller now, less than 1.5 cm (so the doctor said by touching it).
so still waiting…
thanks for the encouragement!