back from first chemo and sick

Had my first chemo today which went quite well including the cold cap but I was quick this afternoon quite a lot and free like I am going to throw up again. I know everyone is different has anyone had similar experience and is this what it is going to be like for days.

Hi cazzane,
I too was sick the first time for a couple days ,but that was it .I asked to get more anti-sickness drugs (domperidon)it was great. Have you been given them as they are good . Another thing that was good was ginger biscuits ,and fresh pineapple juice .Put it like this i was never sick again admitingly i felt sick but never threw up again .
Take care cazzane hope it eases for you .
Love julie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I have my 3rd. chemo tomorrow and know exactly how you are feeling. It is a horrible feeling but it will pass. Everyone is different but I felt sick for 4-5 days before it eased. I’m sure it helped to drink lots, I found soda water refreshing. I also discovered Twinings Ginger and Lemon tea which was really good for easing nausea and helping digestion. I actually found it helped to eat a little, even though I didn’t fancy it. Try and follow what your body is telling you and rest as much as you can.
I actually felt much better about going along for the next session. I knew what to expect and it was far less terrifying. The staff will ask you about your side effects and will suggest different methods of helping with them. Do make sure to take what you have been prescribed as they do help.
Sorry you’re feeling so rough at the moment but hang on in there, you are not alone.
Take care,

Vomit is grim. I have had 3 lots of epi and each time I am repeatedly sick later that day until I can be sick no more. If you still feel sick ask for more drugs now. Ondansatron took nausea away for me, domperidon did not do a thing. As much as they tell you that you should not be sick, some people just are. Do try and get them to try different drugs next time.

Hi Cazzane

Sorry you are feeling rough, but you need to tell your chemo nurse and try different antisickness tabs. I am on Domperidone and they work well for me, take 2, 3 times a day for 3 days after chemo. I also have Ondansatron but don’t really use them, just for emergencies. I am lucky as not suffered at all so far, actually saw onc today (not my normal one as he is on hols again), but she was amazed at how little I have suffered.

I hope you feel better soon, and hopefully you can get some other tablets to combat your sickness.

Take care

Hi Cazzanne,

blimey what a nightmare for you! I really hope you are feeling a little better today. I don’t envy you at all as I absolutely hate feeling and being sick! I think I got off very lightly when I was on Epi, I was never actually sick and only occasionally had moderate nausea. I have used travel bands when needed since I started chemo in May and personally find them to be v.g, although I know they don’t work that well for everyone. Also, I make sure I drink my bodyweight in water the first few days after treatment and I think this really helps.

I really hope you are feeling a million times better today!

Take care,


Hi Cazzane,

When I was v poorly sick after my second FEC i called the day unit for advice and they told me to come in and I had my anti sickness given intravenously…I had been throwing up for 24 hrs which was miserable. They told me I didn’t have to feel that rubbish. Have you called them? might be worth a go. After that they gave me anti sickness iv before each chemo and I haven’t been sick again although have felt nauseous.

Really hope you’re feeling better

Hi Cazzane,

After my first FEC I was up sick all night - horrible. Then I just felt nauseous for several days. I had drunk lots of water during the chemo day as everyone had told me to - but that just came up too. After that I couldn’t face water…

At my second FEC the nurses told me to take more of the anti-sickness tablets, which worked for me. I was still nauseous for a few days, but was never sick after that.

Hope you are feeling a bit better by now.


Hi Cazzane,

I had my first FEC last Thurs and was sick for the first 24hrs-couldn’t keep anything down so I can fully sympathise with you. But it does get better and it just felt like I had a massive hangover which reminded me of my girlie weekend in Benidorm. Other than that I haven’t suffered any other side effects just tiredness. I tried the cold cap too so fingers crossed. I’m going to mention the terrible sickness when I next go in 2 weeks time so hopefully they can give me stronger anti sickness tablets. Mind you, I think I make myself sick sometimes by thinking about it. I reckon I’ve got a phobia about it. Wouldn’t mind if it was self inflicted!!!

Take care and hope you are feeling better,


Oh that’s rough,do think the Epi is nasty.I had my first on Tue,sickness seems to be reasonably controlled by sick drugs but had pain in chest & difficulty breathing that day( am asthmatic so would imagine that was the chest pain).Then yesterday my left arm ( the side I had my WLE ) was a bit swollen & the breast where I had the op was bright pink on the opposite side to the wound eek, which was swiftly followed by left arm going bright pink, double eek !!! Seems to be going again today so think it must be a side effect of the Epi,not looking forward to the next dose.Am thankful though that I haven’t yet been sick as am a real baby about it,hope you soon feel better & that they get it sorted for you next time,good luck