Back from Hospital

Hi All

Just to let you know I am now out of hospital after my mastectomy and am fine.
It was a nerve racking time and I went in at 7am and went for my op at 12.30 so all a bit of a strain on the day. But it was ok as you all said it would be. I have come home with one drain in and am having that one out on Thursday and had one out in the hospital before I left. The best bit was my son came in with my husband after my op and then my oldest son came home from Korea on Saturday for a week so it was lovely and they are spoiling me rotten.

Paula I will give you a ring this week and have a chat.

Debs x

Hey Debs

Welcome home!!! Let your family spoil you - you deserve it!!

(Just remember to do your exercises as soon as you can - it will be hard but they are so worth it)

J xxxx

hi debs,
glad all went well…how lovely that your son is home from Korea for a week too.

take care
karen xx

Hi Debs

I am so glad your operation went well, take it really easy and enjoy being spoiled. Don’t tire yourself out, by sitting at the pc too long as you need rest.

Hugs xxxxxxx

HI Girls

Yeah its good to be home with my husband and boys. I am feeling really ok my arm is not bad at all and I can raise it above my head so alls good, plus its my left side and I am right handed so that helps. I have been spoilt and am continuing to be so they wont let me do anything. All I need is a good nights sleep something I haven’t had for about 6 weeks I think tonight will be the night!!! Like I keep telling my boys ’ I’m not ill’ and dont feel ill so onwards and upwards.

Debs x

Hi Debs
Glad you are ok, keep strong


Hi Debs
So glad you are ok and all is well. Enjoy being fussed over and make sure you rest!!!
Deb x

Hi Debs

Excellent glad to see you home and that it all went well, now rest and get fussed over and none of us are ill but you will need rest hun…honestly.

speak whenever ok…take care

P xx

I’m home too!! Just came out this afternoon, wasn’t as bad as expected!! feeling good, need to go bra shopping though… Glad all went well.x.x.

Hi Lauren

Yeah wasn’t too bad, Hubby went shopping for a bra for me, he done really well went to m & s not bad at all. How is your arm feeling, mine’s not too bad I can lift it well and I have to have my other drain out on Thursday and then wait for the appointment to decide what happens next. Glad you are ok look forward to hearing from you

Love Deb x

Hi - glad to hear that you are home and doing well. I was like you after my WLE - kept telling ppl to stop treating me like a poorly person. My disadvantage was my arm was very stiff and it was my right arm - being right handed this was a bit of a problem.

Hope you continue to recover well.