Back from pre chemo assesment

HI all,
Had my pre chemo assesment today and am feeling a lot better about it all …After a lot of research, a chat with my GP and lots of great advise and support from the lovely ladies on here i have decided to go on the TACT2 Trial. I have been allocated arm 4 accelerated Epi-Xeloda which i was quite pleased about (i think) because the Xeloda part is in tablet form so thats good. I was unsure at first about the trial but i quess if we can mabe help in future breast cancer treatments it can only be a good thing. Ive been told it will proberly start next week but couldnt tell me when as were still catching up from the bank holiday i should know the date tomorrow hopefully. They are going to arrange for the district nurse to give me the GCSF injections at home which is good. I feel much better now knowing the next step, though im sure ill proberly be a total wreck again when the day arrives and cry all the way through it. If any of you ladies have any advice it would be great not just for the TACT2 but for chemo in general ( any tips that have helped you cope better ) The nurses seem lovely and put you at ease so all in all after a very nervous start to the day im feeling much more positive . Because i dont have transport and the hospital is 12 miles away they have told me they can arrange a hospital car for me for treatments so that is realy good and it will save me a fortune in bus/train fares . I hope you are all doing ok and my very best wishes to you all
Lots of Hugs

Hi Lindiloo

I am not on the same chemo as you, but on FEC x 3 and Taxotere x 3. Had my second session today, and feeling pretty knackered, but ok. No side effects really to moan about with first, slight constipation but thankfully no sickness. Took all drugs as prescribed, and took my prevention sickness ones for 3 days and not just as and when and all ok. Only major side effect is my hair is now falling out thick and fast.

TOdays session was OK, little emotional but managed to keep it in check. Took water with me, and had brekkie before went. They gave me sandwich and tea and are very nice in there and take time to chat with you etc. Was quite a bubbly atmosphere in there today, lots of people chatting and stuff.

All I can say, is listen to your body, take your medication as direction and try not to worry too much. It is daunting, but very doable and if it gets rid of the b******s then can’t be all bad.

I wish you luck with the start of the journey, not that far behind me. And with the fabulous support you will get on here, you will get through it.

Let us know when you get your date and how you are doing generally.